the Great es-Cape.

cape 2

I’d really like to find a great cape to cozy up in this winter.  I had one from Zara from a few yrs ago but it was a pill-y mess… (it went to Crossroads earlier this Fall.)  And I have the most amazing Cape dress from DKNY… but it needs a lovely topper.  The image above is one of my favorites.  I love the way her bright pink lips contrast with the blue cape… and  also how she kept everything else she was wearing so casual.

Anywho, I scrounged the Interwebs and was pleased to see that there are some really great options out there.  There is this handmade, tipped version from Zara, this quilted one by Tibi, or this more tailored one by DKNY (my personal favorite.)  If you’re looking for blue, this one (by Michael Kors) is really nice and you can’t beat the price on this (from Land’s End… whoah!) or this (love the houndstooth.)

I also really love this Alpalca poncho from Cuyana.


cape 4


{I personally prefer the more casual looks, but I’ve also included some dressed up looks too.. you can’t go wrong with big sunglasses or a great fedora!}

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  1. MK:

    Ellsworth & Ivey has the best alpalca capes – handmade in the USA!

    10.31.13 Reply
  2. we just posted about capes today and yesterday if you’d like to check it out…. still trying to decide which one is my favorite!

    10.31.13 Reply
  3. Yes, Gabriella Wilde looks amazing…such a great outfit!!

    10.31.13 Reply
  4. Seems to be all about capes! I posted about capes yesterday. You’ve got some lovely ones.

    10.31.13 Reply
  5. Bee:

    I bought a great southwestern cape at our local vintage shop and adore it!! It is more of a blanket style (think Mexican rug with fringe) turned cape!! So perfect for Fall and snuggling on the porch!

    10.31.13 Reply
  6. I love the look – so classy! I’m thinking the Zara one will be mine by the end of this weekend.

    11.1.13 Reply
  7. i love capes! i have been wanting a blue one!

    11.1.13 Reply
  8. christina:

    Can’t wait to see how you style one. I’ve tried and feel like I look like I’m drowning in a blanket!

    11.1.13 Reply
  9. The navy example on top is by far my favorite. I love the drama that a cape implies, especially when paired with jeans.

    11.5.13 Reply