The Coolest Thing in My Apartment Right Now..

Grace Atwood and Depict

When it comes to my home, once I am done decorating, it stays that way. I might change things up a little bit with fresh bedding, a new accent piece (like a pillow or ottoman). Or maybe a new piece of art. But once I’m done, I’m done. I don’t like a lot of change, and I tend to really invest in my home – furniture and art are expensive. That can leave things feeling a little bit stale though.


Enter Depict. My Depict frame is the coolest thing in my apartment right now. When the brand reached out to inquire about a partnership, I was immediately really excited about it. Depict is a smart frame. It’s 49″, with a 4K LCD screen and looks a bit like a flat screen TV but what it actually is is essentially like a Kindle for art – it’s powered by an app on your iPhone, letting you constantly switch up your art. The app is loaded with museum quality fine art and photography, allowing you to display whatever your heart fancies.

Grace Atwood and Depict

I love this idea so much as it allows you to completely change the look of your space without actually changing much. Just as you’d switch up the playlist depending on your mood (or who you’re having over), you can switch up your art! You’ll never get bored,, and it’s just really fun to be able to switch things up. (It also feels a little Jetsons-y… it’s from the future!)

Having family over for brunch?

Maybe put on an impressionist painting. (I’m partial to A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, or Van Gogh’s Irises or Wheat Fields). Having a party? Maybe go with a more modern photograph or even a neon sign (yes, you can even display a neon sign which is so cool). There are even video pieces. Think slow moving photos that almost take on a liquid quality.

Another cool feature is that you can also make playlists (choosing how long to switch up the art – every 5 min, 10 min, and so on and so forth). It’s so cool and while I’ve only had it for a couple weeks now, it’s become the thing I get asked about most in my apartment.

Depict - The Stripe Depict - The Stripe Partnership with Depict - The Stripe Partnership with Depict - The Stripe Depict - The Stripe

photography by Carter Fish; created in partnership with Depict.

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  1. Such a convenient and quick way of adding art to a room! I love that you can change it whenever! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Jade says 10.12.18

    This is really cool! Can you upload your own art/photos too or just use from their gallery?

  3. Erin says 10.12.18

    One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! And yes, so totally Jetsons-y! I always heard this rumor that Bill Gates had something like this in his home years before it was really even possible. And now it is! I love the suggestions you give for changing up the mood in your apartment to match what you’re doing. I will definitely be looking into this, especially as we plan for our next custom home. Thanks Grace! —Erin,

  4. Jenny says 10.12.18

    OMG I want this!! What a cool idea!!

  5. Chelsea says 10.12.18

    Ah that is too cool! Such a fun way to add art to the room.

    xx Chelsea

  6. briana says 10.12.18

    Very cool idea! Does it look like a flat piece of artwork or is it lit like a TV would be? I’m curious because in some photos, it looks lit (like what a screensaver would look like) and in the last photo, it looks flat just like a photograph printed and framed. Just curious! 🙂

    briana |

    • grace at the stripe says 10.12.18

      It depends – you can control the brightness via the app! Usually I have it pretty dim so that it looks like a photo but for these photos we cranked the brightness up to make sure it really registered! Hope that is helpful!

  7. Jean says 10.12.18

    Grace. I love this! And your apartment is amazing!

  8. Katie says 10.12.18

    I adore this! Why don’t I have $900 laying around! Would love to see some more of the artwork you select!

    • grace at the stripe says 10.12.18

      I’ll definitely be showing more art on stories/other posts as I do a lot of entertaining and plan to mix things up for each occasion!

  9. Gail says 10.12.18

    l love this idea but wow ! The Price!

  10. Nikki says 10.13.18

    Wow! I love this!

  11. Nikki says 10.13.18

    Wow!! I love this

  12. Oh my gosh this thing is SO cool! Reminds me of the Samsung Frame TV. I would LOVE to have this in my home someday, it’s like owning your own gallery!
    xoxo Logan