The Blueprint Cleanse: A Detox Diary


Breakups do weird things to your appetite.  For the first two weeks, I didn’t really eat much.  Then, I ate a lot.  And fashion week meant lots of champagne and even more weird eating (i.e. having two miniature grilled cheeses and three miniature tuna tartares as “dinner” at a party and then waking up starving and having a bagel.)  I am generally a pretty healthy eater but have been all over the place these past few weeks.  For that reason I decided it was time to hit “reset” and do a juice cleanse.  So many of you asked me about it on Instagram that I thought I’d put together a little diary for you.

Before we dive in, here are a few things to note.  This was my third juice cleanse.  It had been a while since my last one.  I forgot how much it heightens your senses.  All food smells more amazing, and you do get really, really hungry.  Also, a big question I get is about weight loss, and if it is a good way to lose weight.  No, it is not.  Do not do a cleanse for weight loss – you will gain it right back.  To me, the best reason to cleanse is to reset your system.  Doing a cleanse helps to eliminate cravings, helps you sleep better, and is just a good thing to do every now and again when you feel like you’ve been going too hard.

Day One:

9:15am:  I overslept.  The night before I’d had a dinner party and then decided to rearrange my apartment because my new rug arrived.  I was up late.  My face is puffy and gross.  I need this cleanse like nobody’s business.  (Yesterday’s food intake was positively gluttonous in the best way possible; involving Melt Shop, a Milk Bar Compost Cookie, and an indulgent dinner at Soho House topped off with two hearty glasses of red wine.)  I feel puffy, gross, and unhealthy.

10am:  I have my green juice.  I actually really love the green juice… sometimes I buy it on my own.

11am:  The green juice is gone.  Somebody called “coffeenbagels” replies to one of my tweets.  I want a bagel.

noon:  It’s on to #2… Pineapple Apple Mint.  I forgot how good this one is.  The mint makes it extra refreshing.  I sip it slowly through my conference call.

1pm:  My coworker is eating a string cheese.  I feel ragey.

1:20pm:  And now she is eating a huge, leafy salad from Sweet Green.  I’m jealous.  Lunchtime is the worst.  So many heavenly smells emanating from different areas of our open-space office.

2pm:  Hungry, hungry hippo.  On to Green Juice #2.

3pm:  Still drinking my green juice.  Somehow green juice isn’t quite as appealing when you have more than one in a single day.  I want cheese.  I tweet at Blueprint.

3:30pm:  I cheat.  Encouraged by my enabler coworkers (she said something to the effect of, “It’s your cleanse, you can do it on your own terms!”) I have a handful of Popcorners Chips.  I feel like a horrible person. Disappointed, run to Starbucks for green tea.  At Starbucks, even the processed bagel that has probably been sitting out since 6am looks good.

4:10pm:  I forgot how much I love the Spicy Lemonade.  Mmm…

5:53pm:  Feeling hangry, I reach for the last green juice of the day.  Yuck.  I now hate the green juice.

6:10pm:  A messenger shows up at my office.  I can’t make this stuff up.  A thoughtful friend (who had no idea about this little cleanse of mine) sent me the most delicious looking box of macarons.  FML.  Into the fridge they go… they will be mine on Monday.  Back to the green juice… at this point, all I am slowly sipping it.

6:45pm:  Leave the office, head downtown to meet Alicia.  We are getting our ears pierced to celebrate our upcoming birthday.  I am drinking water and so hungry.

8:30pm: Our piercings are complete.  I am starving.  The cashew milk tastes like a (filling!) piece of heaven.

10:30pm: After a mug of ginger tea, Alicia heads home.  I’m still hungry so I have a few slices of cucumber, topped with sea salt.  I do some blog stuff and things around the apartment and go go bed around midnight.

Day Two:

9:30am: Okay, maybe this is not so bad.  I slept like a baby.  I haven’t slept that well in a loonnng time.  I get up and have my green juice.

12:00pm: Shooting outfit photos with Lydia and realize I haven’t had my next juice.  Cleansing on the weekend is so much better as I think about food less when I’m not at work.  Time for the Pineapple/Apple/Mint.

2:45pm:  I wake up from a little cat nap (fell asleep watching The Mindy Project on my laptop) and have my green juice.  I have to say, three green juices a day is too much for me — next time I do this, I’m going to do the level below.

4;oopm:  I run out to do a few errands and take the lemonade with me.

7:00pm:  More green juice!  I have a really terrible headache.  Probably going through caffeine/sugar/processed foods withdrawal.

9:00pm:  This is where things go wrong.  I eat a big piece of goat cheese.  It tastes like heaven.  (Why did I leave cheese in the apartment??)  Serious guilt ensues.

10:00pm:  I have my cashew milk (yum) but still feel guilty about the cheese.  Fall asleep on the couch reading my book, wake up at 1am and put myself to bed.

Day Three:

11:30am:  I wake up.  At 11:30.  What the what?  I can NOT believe I slept this long.  I’m known for sleeping in on the weekends but considering that I haven’t had a sip of alcohol or been up that late, this is crazy.  I slept really well AGAIN which doesn’t happen very often for me.  Time for green juice.  This morning, I actually like the taste.

1pm:  Time for the second juice.  I feel light, headache free, and not even that hungry.

I drink the rest of the juices throughout the day and am shocked at how much easier it is now.  No crazy headaches, no hunger pains… day three was easy.  Maybe next time I’ll try the five day (okay, probably not…. three days was long enough for me!!)

Disclosure:  Blueprint Cleanse sent me a complimentary three day cleanse but I was not obligated to write about it here.  Your curiosity on Instagram is why I wrote this post!

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  1. Love this post! Looks like we are both on the same page as far as needing our reset button pushed! I did a 5 cleanse with Blueprint last holiday (my 1st cleanse was a 3 day almost a year before that) and have been hooked on green juice ever since (I make my own). Since then I have done two more 5 days and ACTUALLY start one tomorrow.

    After my first 5 day I told myself I could splurge on one every three months… kind like a restart button every season. I’m planning to post about my journey too as so many of my friends are always curious.

    Next time give 5 a try… I tell you, it’s the best! By day 5 you feel so amazing you will be counting down the days until you can do it again. I know it sounds crazy but your body starts to crave the juice. I’m sure you know what I mean. 😉

    Anyway, just wanted you to know I was so happy to read your post and wanted to share. I like your honest review of your experience…. I have to say I think I love it a little too much, but your review is probably more in line with the norm. And don’t beat yourself up… if I left cheese in my fridge, it would have be pretty hard to resist too. 😉


    9.23.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Wow – you are an inspiration! I don’t know if I could handle five days… but the third day was so much easier than the first two, I feel like it wouldn’t be that bad.

      9.23.13 Reply
  2. I’ve been wanting to try this cleanse (or one of the similar ones) partly out of curiosity and partly to clear out my system but it’s too expensive for me to justify right now. (I’m also considering purchasing a juicer and making my own.) I LOVE that you were upfront about the fact that it’s not a good weight loss strategy though. I think that’s the area people are the most misinformed about cleanses. Obviously, when you’re eating almost nothing (except juice), you’re going to loose a little weight. Duh. But once you start eating again, your body is starved for calories that you gain the weight back. What you don’t gain back is all the little toxins that you freed from your body by doing the cleanse, which is supposed to be the point (not weight loss).

    Loved the diary – gave me a good idea what this would be like. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    (Ps. Sorry for bombarding your blog with comments today. I missed a few posts last week and I’m just getting caught up on Stripes and Sequins.)

    9.23.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Aw thanks Sarah and never apologize for commenting here, I love it!

      9.23.13 Reply
  3. really interesting. i’m so curious to try a juice cleanse but ok, you know I have my bathroom issues. are you peeing like crazy if you’re only drinking? even eating lots of fruit can be too much for me so i’m concerned I’ll be peeing all the time. Ok, and majorly hangry, which feels like not the best combo! yet, the juices so sound good, refreshing, and exhilarating to regulate myself.

    9.23.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Oooh I left that part out. You do pee a lot, because your also drinking a lot of water in between. So it might not be the best idea for you. I was peeing probably every hour and a half?

      9.23.13 Reply
  4. I thank you for writing this, one for the laugh two for giving me the info I really need to know about this cleanse! I have been thinking ab out doing one but have ZERO self control, like I would not only cheat on a small piece of cheese but a small pint of ice cream!

    9.23.13 Reply
  5. Great post! I’ve been curious about these blueprint cleanses for a while. Maybe I’ll do a little more research and try it myself!

    9.23.13 Reply
  6. Going to do a three day cleanse in October. I really need it.
    xo Emma

    9.23.13 Reply
  7. I could never to do a whole cleanse. I’ve done master cleanse pre-wedding and that was HORRIBLE. I was SOOO hungry. I like One Lucky Duck’s not a juice cleanse because you still get to eat raw which helps with the wanting to chew something.

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

    9.23.13 Reply
  8. I am also really interested in committing to a three day cleanse. The best I’ve done is one day and talk myself out of taking the plunge to continue on. I love the tastes of the different juices, but am in the same boat with you in regards to getting “tired” of their taste by the end of the day! I really liked your hourly diary as this definitely gives an insight into maybe what to expect if committing to a 3 day cleanse! Also, I agree that the weekends might be easier so you are not tempted by all the food in the workplace or by your co-workers aromatic lunches! Thanks for sharing!

    9.23.13 Reply
  9. I have been wanting to try blue print cleanse! I drink the juices from Whole Foods and love them. The main reason I want to do a cleanse is to sleep better. Want to try it! Awesome post

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

    9.23.13 Reply
  10. I love your detox diary, Grace! Hope you are well and happy fall! xo Allyson

    9.23.13 Reply
  11. When I worked in finance, our entire desk would cleanse simultaneously. It became a team activity and I have to say, watching those around you also go through the same ups and downs of the process makes it much easier! It was also nice not to have someone eating a ridiculously delicious lunch sitting next to you as you slowly sipped your green concoction

    9.23.13 Reply
  12. I think I”ve seen these in the building where I work, but I’m so scared that I would pass out at bootcamp if I do this.

    9.23.13 Reply
  13. i could never ever do a juice cleanse because my hangriness would probably cause me to take someone out by noon 🙂 but this was hilarious. dont beat yourself up for the cheese, cheese is delicious!!!!

    9.23.13 Reply
  14. I love this post, as always!

    9.23.13 Reply
  15. I want to do a cleanse but they are expensive!! I’m gonna try to make them at home.
    *** ***

    9.23.13 Reply
  16. I’m so glad you posted about this! I came so close a few months ago to doing Blueprint, but I was afraid I wouldn’t stick with it. I really get the urge to try it whenever I’m feeling bloated and just like I’ve been consistently overindulging. Anyway this is inspiring, it sounds like it was tough but worth it. I think giving up caffeine would be the toughest for me, as I get crazy caffeine headaches (full on addict). Giving up sugar would be insane too, but that probably just proves how much I need to do it!

    9.24.13 Reply
  17. I love reading your blog because you are so genuine! You read comments and have an authentic
    voice! I am an emotional eater and can veer off the healthy path when pregnant, tired, etc. I will definitely try a cleanse soon!

    Rosanna Brown

    9.24.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      aw, thank you for the sweet comment. I am happy you like reading my blog. A cleanse definitely helps if you’ve been eating emotionally for a while. 😉

      9.24.13 Reply
  18. I tried my first juice cleanse not too long ago also. It was hard, but not as hard as I thought, and I really loved how I felt. I did it to reset my system as well. I posted my experience here:

    and I also loved reading about yours! Thanks for sharing!

    9.24.13 Reply
  19. I just finished day one of my first day of Blue Print. Thank you so much for posting, Grace! I was a bit nervous but feel good and if anything, very stubborn to keep plugging along! Luckily, I just moved so I literally have no cheese (or Thai food) anywhere near the house. 🙂 Please keep sharing….it is motivating and always wonderful for a laugh!

    9.24.13 Reply
  20. Hilarious. I’m sitting here looking at a mulchy glass of beet, celery and who remembers what else that is my second smoothie of the day for my kooky cleanse and kind of hating it right now.

    9.25.13 Reply
  21. Hey! I know you posted this a few days ago but I’m a little behind on blog reading and am just now catching up! 🙂
    Which cleanse did you do? I’ve done two cleanses with home made juice before, but I’ve never tried Blue Print! Was this the “Renovation Cleanse”? I know it can be pricey, but purchasing all of the organic ingredients to juice at home gets expensive too, so I’m thinking about giving this a try!

    9.28.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      I did the middle level. It’s called the Foundation 🙂 I think it is worth it, too… but definitely a treat/investment in yourself.

      9.29.13 Reply