The Best Summer Slides.

The Best Summer Slides.

It’s funny, I wasn’t really a slides person until recently. I love my gold birks SO much that they can be hard to abandon, simply for the comfort factor. They are like a security blanket of sorts – I always reach for them, but have been trying to break out as they were putting me in a bit of a footwear rut.

My inner old lady didn’t think they  (slides)were supportive light and I am always like, “but my feet will fall out.” I’m not sure what really changed my mind but I am INTO slides for summer. They’re still comfortable (and surprisingly supportive/my feet don’t fall out) but they’re a little bit (okay a LOT) more chic than birks (especially with a skirt or a dress). Here are a few of my favorites.

The Best Summer Slides:

the splurge //

So I really hemmed and hawed over buying these sandals from Saint Laurent but they are just everything. And all of my girlfriends have the Hermes ones so I wanted something a little different. (Also, I own 3 pairs of the Tribute sandals which are my all time favorite sandals so… Tribute slides felt like an appropriate wardrobe addition.) I don’t stress over spending a lot on good shoes and bags as I take great care of my things and also know that these will mold to my feet to become the ultimate perfect shoe – I will have them forever. (Go up a full size – I wear a US 8.5 and buy a 39.5 in these

the caned ones //

I also have these amazing caned slides, because if you have a caned handbag you obviously need the slides to match. OK you definitely don’t actually need them but they are pretty awesome. They’re not even from the same designer but they definitely match the bag, which is very fun. (If you are between sizes, size down – I sized a half size down to a 38.)

the hermes lookalike //

I love these Steven sandals and admired them from afar before buying them in white. They are just a great all around summer sandal and I highly recommend them as they are chic but you don’t have to worry about taking perfect care of them… they’re ultra durable (and not expensive) so you can wear them to the beach, the park, etc without stressing. I will probably buy them in yellow, a neon, or a metallic by summer’s end.

the bargain //

Honestly guys, these slides from Target look like they were handmade by some amazing artisan from Greece or Italy. They are lovely, and also they are only $12.99. I have not seen them in person but I am thinking about ordering them in both black and cognac as they’d be the perfect wear everywhere slide.

Also pictured: Zimmermann Dress, Pamela Munson Tote (c/o)

SAINT LAURENT Woven leather slidesST. AGNI Henni leather and rattan slidesSAINT LAURENT Woven leather slides

photography by Trent Bailey.

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  1. Slides and mules are totally my favourite shoes to wear this summer! It’s such a perfect time for casual slip-ons. I really love the neutral colours of the pieces you showed! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Samantha says 7.9.18

    The Target slides have been my go-to this summer! Super comfortable and look like they could be from Madewell. Love them!

  3. Meghan says 7.9.18

    I can’t stop wearing slides either! Love that you got the Saint Laurent ones. I have the Zara knock offs and they tore up my toes lol.

    • Lauren says 7.9.18

      SAME on the zara ones. so bad.

      • Oh man – that’s the consensus! For what it’s worth I’ve had issues breaking in most of my sandals but the Saint Laurent ones have been great!

    • Oh no! That has been the consensus over here in the comments… a lot of people said the same. Did they get any better?

  4. Lauren says 7.9.18

    I have the cheap target sandals. They honestly don’t look very good after a few wears—in the creasing, it is very evident they are not leather. Sadddd. I also have knock-offs of the Saint Laurent sandals from Zara and they are soooo uncomfortable. I hope yours are much better because they sure are pretty!

    • Aw that’s a bummer! Thanks for the heads up.

      EVERYONE is saying bad things about the Zaras… glad I didn’t go that route! It took me a while to break in my caned St Agni slides but the Saint Laurents were a dream.

  5. dana says 7.9.18

    All of these slides are SO good. I purchases a few slides from Target that I LOVE, and I typically wear one of my Gucci mules with everything (to me, they’re the best shoe to own)! Also totally agree that purchasing $$$ pieces are worth it if you know you’re going to take care of them!

    The Champagne Edit

    • Totally agree! I feel like Target has so many great pairs of sandals right now and I love the idea of having inexpensive shoes to mess around in and then fancier ones to wear when you know you won’t ruin them.

  6. Grace says 7.9.18

    have you seen the nike slides with a fanny pack on each foot? hilarious and more street-fashion than fashion-fashion but kinda want to try on…

    • Haha no I haven’t! I don’t think they’d be my style but I am curious to see what they look like!

  7. Elizabeth says 7.9.18

    I bought the caned sandals the minute I saw them on Net a Porter because they’re so cute! i’ve only worn mine twice, though, and they are PAINFUL. at this point i’m wondering if they ever break in!

    • Oh no! Keep at it. I had blisters from mine at first but once they heeled I was okay! Breaking in sandals is the worst!!!

  8. Terry long says 7.9.18

    My summer slides are my favorite shoes. I have several pairs in different colors. A couple with out the toes in so that I can where them in the winter.

  9. Terry says 7.9.18

    My summer slides are my favorite shoes. I have several pairs in different colors. A couple with the toes in so that I can where them in the winter.