The Best Soothing Mask!

If you follow me on Substack or Instagram you have likely heard me rave about this mask, but I wanted to post about it here where it can live on (the blog is just so much easier to search and refer back to) as this is one of the best skincare launches I have tried in ages. Again, this is for my dry skinned friends (it is also great for sensitive skin, or to do as a treatment the day after more invasive stuff like microneedling).

The Best Soothing Mask

Truly, I cannot say enough good things. Shani Darden’s products are generally excellent but this one just really wows. It is a clay mask (which can be confusing as many of us associate clay with drying out the skin, purging impurities, etc). But it’s actually super hydrating and nourishing (and really really soothing). In fact, it reminds me a lot of the MBR healing mask (which is incredible but 6x the price).

There are a few things to know here. First of all, it has one of my favorite ingredients (squalane) to hydrate and lock in moisture. Second, it has colloidal oatmeal which is amazing for redness and soothing stressed skin. It also has three different types of teas (white, green, and chamomile) that help to further soothe the skin.

Shani likes to use this mask as the final step of her signature facial. I like to do it at night… I will actually leave it on for a solid hour while I am watching TV or a movie. You can also sleep in it as a spot treatment (or with a very thin layer of it over the whole face which is what I loved doing with the MBR mask until discovering this). It is my absolute favorite any time I feel like my skin is stressed (a big night out, a long flight, etc.). This has quickly become one of my most favorite face masks.

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  1. Rosemarie:

    Ooohhh…”adds to cart”

    2.22.24 Reply
  2. Allie:

    Just popping in the comments here but actually wanted to thank you for today’s substack “Core Fashion Memories.” I absolutely loved it, and it immediately made me think of my formative years. MUD and LEI, what a big deal A&F was… and my mom had the exact same reaction when I begged for my first pair of flare jeans haha.

    I love your blog and your substack and wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the spaces you have created, your fun and genuine presentation, and for being my favorite internet-friend. You are so appreciated.

    2.23.24 Reply