The Best Gift for the Hard to Shop For Friend.

The LARQ bottle is rechargeable.

I am… notoriously hard to shop for. Like, really hard to shop for. I usually just tell my friends/family to make me dinner or get us tickets to do something. But every now and then you see something and think “WOW now that is brilliant… I wish I had that!” That happened to me this Fall when I was introduced to the LARQ water bottle.

Honestly guys, this is the COOLEST water bottle ever and the perfect gift to give that friend who travels a lot or is really, really hard to shop for. (Basically…. me!) LARQ is a beautiful water bottle… designed to help people access pristine drinking water in a sustainable way. If you travel a lot, to countries where the water isn’t necessarily safe to drink, this is the gift for you! I think about this summer’s travels: Cuba. Asia. Mexico. Morocco. I spent so much money on bottled water (and also used sooooo much single use plastic… gross.) This magical water bottle eliminates that!

How does it work?

The scientific version:

The LARQ Bottle utilizes prorietary UV-C LED technology, emitting UV-C light in the 280mm range which is the optimal wavelength of light. This triggers a photochemical reaction to eradicate bacteria and viruses, eliminating harmful, odor-causing germs by destroying their DNA. It eradicates up to 99.9999% of bacteria and some viruses.

The non-scientific version:

With a click of a button, it makes your water safe to drink, no matter where you are. It also keeps your water cool for up to 24 hours.

The LARQ bottle should only be used with water that is clear to the eyes (with no heavy sediments). There are two modes. Normal which runs for 60 seconds, and Adventure Mode which runs for three minutes (perfect for outdoor use or when you really want to make sure the water is extra clean).

The LARQ Bottle utilizes prorietary UV-C LED technology

The LARQ bottle is rechargeable.

It comes with a USB cord – you can plug it into your computer to easily charge it. One charge lasts up to 1-2 months of use. And it doesn’t require a filter replacement.

The bottle retails for $95. I chose Granite White for mine but there are four other colors to choose from: Monaco Blue, Seaside Mint, Himalayan Pink, or Obsidian Black!

The LARQ bottle is rechargeable.

I am not planning on traveling until after the holidays but this bottle has me pretty excited for my next adventure!

The LARQ Bottle utilizes prorietary UV-C LED technology The LARQ Bottle & The Stripe The LARQ Bottle & The Stripe The LARQ Bottle & The Stripe LARQ Water Bottle The LARQ Bottle & Grace Atwood The LARQ Bottle & The Stripe

Photography by Carter Fish; created in partnership with LARQ.

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  1. Well, the bottle sounds like a perfect gift! It’s a practical one and still looks good. I’m eyeing up the white one for myself 😉

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    11.7.18 Reply
  2. lauren:

    what an awesome product!

    11.7.18 Reply
  3. mai:

    Okay, this is awesome! I have a friend who would definitely love this.

    11.7.18 Reply
  4. Cy:

    Love this! Could have used it this year myself. We here in Bay Area (it varies state to state) having some of best tasting clean water around. We have several filtered stations in the lobby of the hotel,so people can refill their own bottles, but we give out so many bottles of water too. I hate the waste! I asked that we give out complimentary refillable bottles to our guests instead. Everyone thinks it’s a great idea, nothing has happened. Sigh. I notice a lot of our international guests, don’t understand that our water is safe to drink, they just assume. Anyway, great gift idea!

    11.7.18 Reply
    • Thank you so much Cy! I know, a lot of people don’t realize how safe the water is (it’s the same here in New York). But when I travel, this bottle is coming everywhere with me!

      11.7.18 Reply
  5. Kristen:

    This sounds amazing! How heavy is the bottle? Is it similar in weight to Swell?

    11.7.18 Reply
  6. sunny:

    this is the dumbest idea ever. I know you got paid for this, but would you really get this for a friend? a $100 water bottle?

    11.7.18 Reply
    • Hey Sunny,

      I think it’s a very niche gift – and one that I would definitely buy for myself or a friend who travels as much as I do. As I mentioned in the post I traveled to several places this summer where the water was not safe to drink. I spent a lot of money on bottled water (probably $100, when you add it all up!) AND all that single use plastic which would make this 100% worth it.
      Not everyone is going to benefit/see the value in this, but for someone who travels a lot, especially to more adventurous places, it is an amazing gift! I personally think it is well worth the $100 but again – I travel quite a bit – between Asia, Mexico, Morocco, and Cuba I would have more than gotten my money’s worth.

      Hope that clarifies it. It’s actually a pretty genius idea.

      11.7.18 Reply
    • Abby:

      I think the point here is that it is a lot of money for a present, but honestly I really like it when my friends come together and give me a higher value gift instead of under 20$ gifts that are usually not that useful. Maybe think of sharing the gift burden next time, Sunny?

      11.8.18 Reply
      • I feel the exact same way! In my friends and family groups it’s nice to do a gift exchange where everyone buys something for one person so you get one thing you really love vs. a bunch of useless little things.

        11.8.18 Reply
  7. Such a great idea, that water bottle sounds so cool!

    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe

    11.7.18 Reply
  8. Kathryn:

    Love this bottle! I think it’s a great idea for, as you said the friend who is hard to shop for.
    I love the sweater you’re wearing would you please tell me where I might buy it and who makes it. Thanks so much!

    11.7.18 Reply
    • Thank you so much Kathryn! The sweater is actually old – it’s by Vince but I got it two years ago. They don’t seem to have the exact style anymore but the brand makes the best, softest sweaters. I always buy 1 or 2 every year and they last forever!

      11.7.18 Reply
  9. Kathleen:

    Just wanted to say that I think you do a wonderful job handling critiques that are not delivered in a productive way in a diplomatic and respectful manner. It is so nice to read your responses. I know some deep breaths and a lot of thought must go into how you reply. Just one of the many reasons I read your blog faithfully!

    11.11.18 Reply
  10. Jess:

    new here but have been eyeing all the awesome gift guides… silly question- does it keep your water cool and drinks warm like a swell bottle?

    11.26.18 Reply
  11. Jess:

    silly question- does it keep your water cool and drinks warm like a swell bottle?

    11.26.18 Reply
  12. Ashley:

    Hey there!

    I’m curious if you’ve gotten the chance to take your LARQ international yet (specifically to places where you definitely cannot drink the water)? I’m traveling to Mexico soon and am slightly concerned that the UV won’t be enough and I’ll still get sick from the tap water. Eeek!

    Thanks in advance! Loved this post 🙂

    2.20.20 Reply