The Best Fitting Shirt I’ve Ever Put On (+ Giveaway!)

Thank you to Grayson for sponsoring this post!

You might notice that I don’t wear a lot of button down shirts over here. It isn’t because I don’t like how they look (I DO – especially a classic white shirt!) but I always have a hard time finding one that fits me perfectly. They’re always too short, they gap over my boobs, etc. Why is it so hard to find the best fitting shirt!?

Enter Grayson.

Grayson launched this past March and I LOVE their shirts. They have just one silhouette that looks amazing on a variety of women (at an accessible price). The founder, Audrey McLoghlin is also the woman behind Frank & Eileen (whose shirts I also really like but they’re a bit more expensive). She wanted to make a shirt for the women around her who needed simple, perfect, easy pieces that just work without a lot of fuss or effort. She spent 5 years tracking down fabrics that met her standards and 2 years nailing down a pattern that would work on over 30 different fit models. The result is fantastic – I know this is a sponsored post but it’s truly the best fitting shirt I have ever put on my body!

Today I’ve styled two Grayson shirts. First, their classic white button down which is truly the best white shirt I’ve ever owned, and second, this fun dot print one.

AND I have a little treat for you! One very lucky winner is going to win FIVE shirts of your choice! To enter, scroll to the bottom of the post and enter via the widget. Then, comment with your favorite style from the site!

Also! Grayson is giving a special discount to my readers. Take 20% off with code GRACE20.

white shirt

Grayson Size Chart

grayson size chart

I wanted to include the Grayson size chart as I found it really helpful. I am personally right between a 2 and a 3; both sizes work well for me. I’m wearing a size 2 in both of these shirts but I have a 3 for something a little slouchier and longer. In my instagram post with the Vote shirt, I opted for a 3 as I wanted it to be a little slouchier.

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photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Their shirts look beautiful! The classic white shirt is my favourite. Thank you for the giveaway, Grace! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Megan Davis says 9.24.19

    I love the Scarlett Melange Blue in the plush flannel! Looks like a classic (super soft and flattering) chambray shirt.

  3. Ashley Baxter says 9.24.19

    Love the classic white button down!

  4. Lisa says 9.24.19

    Button down shirts hardly ever work for me so these sound great! I love the washed cotton in blue

  5. Stephanie says 9.24.19

    I usually go for the white minimalist look but I’m really liking their plaids!

  6. Kathleen says 9.24.19

    I like the feathered flannel shirt in the polka dot print.

  7. amanda says 9.24.19

    tumbled linen in white – love!!

  8. Becca says 9.24.19

    I love all the striped shirts, and you can’t go wrong with a classic white button down for work or play!

  9. I believe you can never have too many white shirts (sorry, Marie Kondo)! The liquid lyocell looks interesting, and the cozy cotton is a classic for pairing with jeans.

  10. Jane says 9.24.19

    Definitely the solid blue flannel, perfect for fall!

  11. Julie Updike says 9.24.19

    Love the Flannel print in “CINDY INDIGO MELANGE WITH NAVY DOT” So cute!

  12. Samantha says 9.24.19

    Love the liquid lyocell!

  13. Amanda G says 9.24.19

    The Washed Cotton.
    What is your take on the pocket? On the website the pockets look small. I am larger chested and tend to not select dress shirts/shirt based on small pocket size.

  14. I LOVE GRAYSON! They came to our Blog Societies Conference this year and I now own three shirts I live in! The best button down shirts ever!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  15. Emily says 9.24.19

    Love the classic white!!

  16. Casey says 9.24.19

    I have SUCH a hard time with button up shirts and would love to try their flannel t’s!

  17. Christine says 9.24.19

    Obsessed with the classic white shirt, so classy!

  18. Amanda says 9.24.19

    Wow, these are all gorgeous. I’d pick the feathered flannel– the Isabel indigo with white stripe is so pretty!

  19. Sarah says 9.24.19

    I love the LIQUID LYOCELL in LUCILLE NAVY WITH RED DOTS. Doesn’t look like anything I have in my closet. I also think their classic white shirt is beautiful! Thanks for partnering with a woman owned/created company that EMPOWERS women!!

  20. Samara says 9.24.19

    So intrigued by these shirts! I’m torn between the tumbled linen in white and the feathered flannel in isabel indigo stripe.

  21. Susie says 9.24.19

    Oh wow, the fabrics look beautiful… I would definitely want a classic white for work and plush flannel everything for cozy weekends!!

  22. Meghan N says 9.24.19

    I am obsessed with these shirts and have been waiting to invest in a few more! I love a classic white button down

  23. Jess says 9.24.19

    I’ve had my eye on the flannel button down for months! I’ve heard so many good things

  24. kelly says 9.24.19

    I love the evelyn navy with red and white plaid for fall! (If it ever cools down on the easy coast that is….)

  25. Ali says 9.24.19

    LOVE the liquid lyocell!

  26. Kay says 9.24.19

    I’m always looking for an easy white button down that fits right, but I love the look of Grayson’s Flannel, especially that “Cindy Indigo Melange with Navy Dot.” Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

  27. Christina says 9.24.19

    I have been loving the simple white button up in the cozy cotton fabric, but after seeing this polka dot number, now I am into that one too!!

  28. Sam says 9.24.19

    I’m torn between the classic white button down and the Gwynne white with navy stripes!

  29. Jen says 9.24.19

    Couldn’t love the white shirt more! Always feel pulled together in a white button down.

  30. Christina says 9.24.19

    I love and have been eyeing the simple white button down, but now I am also seriously into the polka dots!

  31. Patty Eisner says 9.24.19

    I think they are all beautiful! However, there is nothing better than a new, beautifully tailored white shirt!

  32. Ashley says 9.24.19

    Love the tumbled linen in the pink multi stripe!

  33. Jamie Y. says 9.24.19

    I love color, but there’s something about a white button down that fits right that never goes out of style!

  34. Amy says 9.24.19

    Cozy Cotton in Sophia White!

  35. Marissa says 9.24.19

    Polka dot gal for life!

  36. Abigail Anderson says 9.24.19

    For sure the Cozy Cotton Plaid in Virginia Gray Melange with Blue Check–I work from home and don’t think I’d ever take it off!

  37. Kelli says 9.24.19

    I’m loving the Classic white shirt! It’s so hard to find one with a great fit and this looks like it is it. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Gisselle says 9.24.19

    The classic white looks great! Great post Grace 🙂

  39. Heather Hago says 9.24.19

    The plush flannels in plaid.

  40. Jamie Bergen says 9.24.19

    Can’t go wrong with the classic white. Capsule wardrobe here I come!

  41. Wendy says 9.24.19

    that solid plush flannel-love the color!

  42. Emily says 9.24.19

    A good, classic white button down is so hard to find! That’s definitely my favorite, but I also realllllly love the flannels too! so cozy!

  43. Kristen says 9.24.19

    Love these shirts, but your definition of an accessible price and my definition are significantly different….

  44. Stacey Hoffman says 9.24.19

    I love the plain white for classic looks all year round!

  45. Stephanie Arlt says 9.24.19

    Ahh the polka dot button-up is so dang cute! Thanks for doing this giveaway Grace!!!:)

  46. Deidra says 9.24.19

    I like the Lyocell Liquid in Lucille navy with red dots!

  47. Maureen says 9.24.19

    So loving the feathered flannel print CINDY INDIGO MELANGE WITH NAVY DOT. So cute. Different for a flannel and could dress up and be casual too.

  48. Carlotta says 9.24.19

    looking for a classic white shirt

  49. Jill says 9.24.19

    I love the feathered flannel in the Anne Indigo Melange And Navy Check! Classic and very cute for fall.

  50. Grace says 9.24.19

    My fav is honestly the polka dot one you styled here! I’m 100% guilty of buying all neutral pieces, and then being stuck with a wardrobe that’s too monochromatic – love the dots as subtle but fun 🙂

  51. CharleneD says 9.24.19

    Would love to try the Liquid Lyocell white or striped shirt! Great giveaway – you can also give 5 readers 1 shirt each, that way more of us can try 😉

  52. Courtney says 9.24.19

    Ooh I love the plush flannel in blue! Thanks for introducing a new brand to me 🙂

  53. Keira says 9.24.19

    I’d pick the classic white and size up for a slouchy fit!

  54. Megan says 9.24.19

    Love the classic white one.

  55. Sofia says 9.24.19

    Classic white is gorgeous.

  56. BSDH says 9.24.19

    Really love the Vote shirt but it’s not on the site 🙁

  57. Tara says 9.24.19

    Nothing beats a great white cotton shirt! 🙂

  58. Melissa says 9.24.19

    Classic white !!

  59. Estella Fitzooo says 9.24.19

    The Polka Dot is for ME! I could wear eith jeans, jumper, skirt, jeans and suit jacket on cool days, there are endless posdibilities.

  60. B kraft says 9.24.19

    Love the look of the classic white button down.

  61. Katie says 9.24.19

    Always on the lookout for a great white button down!

  62. Meghan H says 9.24.19

    Love the classic white button-down!

  63. Regina says 9.24.19

    So many good choices, but I always love a classic white shirt!

  64. Jennifer Howard says 9.24.19

    Love the classic white shirts and of course all the stripes!

  65. Jenna says 9.24.19

    The shirts look amazing! The plush flannel is my favorite – perfect for a cozy fall!

  66. Leah says 9.24.19

    Love the cozy cotton one you’re wearing in white and the washed cotton for stripes or a fun color. Awesome that they have voter registration as the landing page!

  67. Ella Jenkins says 9.24.19

    76 years old 5’3. 140 lbs
    Like to look classy.

  68. Rachel says 9.24.19

    Obsessed. I’ve been hearing so much about Grayson lately. I love the look of a classic white button down but have also had a hard time finding the right fit.

  69. Rachel says 9.24.19

    I love the tissue cotton butterfly print. Looks so pretty and useful!

  70. Chrissy says 9.24.19

    The red and blue plaids are so pretty!

  71. natasha says 9.24.19

    I love the look of the liquid lyocell–it’s perfectly drapey!

  72. Abby G says 9.24.19

    All of their shirts look beautiful, but if I had to choose I’d go for the classic white in liquid lyocell!

  73. Katie says 9.24.19

    Loving the navy dots that you’re wearing! And love the pants you styled it with too!

  74. Jeanne says 9.24.19

    Classic white button down is my favorite.

  75. Jacqui says 9.24.19

    The feathered flannel is my favorite!

  76. Maureen says 9.24.19

    I love the Carrie with navy and white check!

  77. Kait says 9.24.19

    I love the classic white. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  78. Lauren says 9.24.19

    Love the linen shirts!

  79. Katie says 9.24.19

    I love the light blue!

  80. Erica says 9.24.19

    The Hero seems like a classic I’d wear forever!

  81. Terry Blank says 9.24.19

    I like long sleeve button up shirts. These look like soft material. I’m 68 an would love to try these shirts. Thank you for opportunity.

  82. Joanna says 9.24.19

    Love the washed cotton button downs – they look so clean and easy to wear!

  83. Ezgi says 9.24.19

    I actually love the Hero shirt you’re wearing as nothing better than a white classic.

  84. Ann says 9.24.19

    Beautiful shirts – can’t wait to try these out!

  85. Amanda says 9.24.19

    I love the look of the classic white but always have the same problem with gapping over my chest! I would definitely be into the classic white or the navy and white plaid.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. Bonnie says 9.24.19

    I love the feathered flannel shirts!!!

  87. Jan says 9.24.19

    Can’t go wrong with classic white!

  88. Amy says 9.24.19

    The classic white liquid lyocell

  89. Caroline Klobas says 9.24.19

    I love the navy stripe in the summer cotton! xo!

  90. Iris Paraszewski says 9.24.19

    I have always worn them. Perfect with a skirt or dress pants and, especially jeans. Still wearing them and Iam 64 years old. Thanks

  91. Leah H. says 9.24.19

    Give me all the flannels! Love!

  92. Riley Callahan says 9.24.19

    I SO struggle with button down shirts gapping over my chest. I have been dying to try Grayson’s button downs and would love to try the Cozy Cotton style in solid white. I would def pair this with a pair of distressed jeans, and fabulous vintage bag. Along with my Augustinus Bader The Cream. 😉

  93. Aurelia Gilley says 9.24.19

    Hi! What an awesome giveaway! I would love to try the plush flannel in the plaid print! perfect for the colder months! Also good day to do this post so we can all make sure we are registered to vote!!!

  94. Kristen says 9.24.19

    Classic white button down all the way!

  95. Amber says 9.24.19

    I’m loving the cozy cotton stripes!

  96. Amy says 9.24.19

    The tumbled linen in white looks like a great classic.

  97. Catherine says 9.24.19

    The Hero Cozy Cotton looks fantastic for the colder months.

  98. Kari says 9.24.19

    The classic white button down can’t be beat! Thanks Grace!

  99. Betsy says 9.24.19

    Can’t wait to try this brand! The gaping on button down shirts is usually a deal breaker so I’m optimistic! Love the dot print you’re wearing – that’s my first choice.

  100. Amy says 9.24.19

    Blue washed cotton for me.
    On an unrelated note, the sweepstakes rules have interesting dates…
    “Sweepstakes Period: Entries will be accepted online starting on or about August 14, 2018 at 12:00 AM and ending August 21, 2018 at 11:50pm. All online entries must be received by November 22, 2017 at 5pm EST.”

  101. Theodora says 9.24.19

    Love the polka dot one! I have big boobs and have basically given up on button-downs.

  102. Alex says 9.24.19

    Love the classic white cotton!

  103. Tara O says 9.24.19

    The June Indigo with pink and white stripes is calling my name! Love the sizing concept on these shirts.

  104. Kate says 9.24.19

    My favorite is the LIQUID LYOCELL!!

  105. Andrea says 9.25.19

    Definitely into just the classic white!

  106. Hallie Franzmann says 9.25.19

    Love the classic white button-down style.

  107. Kate says 9.25.19

    My favorite shirt would have to be the cozy cotton classic white, such a staple! I love them all though!

  108. Sarah Malek says 9.25.19

    I love the navy polka dots! I also love the crisp white–so hard to find a well-fitting, high-quality white shirt.

  109. Caroline says 9.25.19

    In need of the classic white button down!

  110. Christine says 9.25.19

    I love the navy and pink shirt!

  111. Mara Proost says 9.25.19

    I love all the prints!

  112. Linds says 9.25.19

    Always classic white. Always…

  113. Amanda Jacobs says 9.25.19

    Button downs are my favorite, especially the classic white! Thanks!

  114. Laura says 9.25.19

    Love the classic white, always my easiest go to for work.

  115. Kathryn Mandalakis says 9.25.19

    LOVE a perfect white button down more than anything in the world, so versatile! My favorite from their collection is definitely the cozy cotton short in light blue stripe!

  116. Jen says 9.25.19

    Loving the endless summer cotton – perfect for these last few weeks of warm weather!

  117. rachel says 9.25.19

    I like the cozy cotton in sophia white!! <3

  118. Kelly says 9.25.19

    I love them all, but the Tissue Cotton style sounds like something I’d live in! I’d definitely wear the Chloe Classic White all the time, but I love the Chloe Blue too!

  119. Jocelyn says 9.25.19

    Love the white button down! I can see myself wearing it to work, tucked into some black wide leg pants, or casually with skinny jeans!

  120. Tess says 9.25.19

    The feathered flannel stripe is adorable! Welcoming fall in style

  121. Katie says 9.25.19

    I love the classic white – such a great wardrobe staple!

  122. Meredith says 9.25.19

    The Hero looks so cozy and chic (I love cotton plaid)!

  123. Janice Stern says 9.25.19

    Oooo how to pick just one? The washed cotton looks comfy

  124. Julia Z says 9.25.19

    Love The Hero in solid white. Perfect for work as a pharmacist in an oncology clinic!

  125. Judy says 9.25.19

    I love the polka dot shirt!

  126. Rebecca says 9.25.19

    Honestly, love the Hero in the classic white! Still on the hunt for a perfect white shirt.

  127. Rach says 9.25.19

    I am OBSESSED with how you style the white button down shirt!! Just checked out Grayson and their shirts are perfect!

  128. Kristin Raleigh says 9.25.19

    I love the washed cotton in solid white! And the stripes. I’ve been looking for a good white button down.

  129. Caroline Peterson says 9.25.19

    The feathered flannel seems perfect for these cool nyc mornings and warm afternoons!

  130. Donna Nolan says 9.25.19

    I like the looks of Grayson white classic button down shirt. I have been looking for shirts to replace my favorite button down shirt JG Hook 100 percent cotton that needs replacing.

  131. Lisa says 9.25.19

    I love a classic white button down, but, as you so correctly stated, they are so hard to find – finding a good fit is difficult! Looking forward to trying the classic white (and the washed cotton stripe).

  132. Rebecca says 9.25.19

    The plush flannel plaid in gray would be dreamy!

  133. April B. says 9.25.19

    These all look so comfy…I am a sucker for a good cotton white button down so that would be my favorite!

  134. Katie Magnus says 9.25.19

    Love the classic white button down. I work in a formal work environment (which seems to be rarely the case anymore!) and struggle to find good white button downs that don’t need to be thrown away within a year. These look like they have a great fit.

  135. Kayla says 9.25.19

    I am always on the hunt for a staple classic white button down! Thanks for sharing this giveaway, Grace!

  136. Meghan says 9.25.19

    I wear classic button downs so much and have always wanted a Frank & Eileen shirt so I am definitely excited for Grayson!! My favorite is the dot shirt you’re wearing!

  137. elizabeth johnson says 9.25.19

    The plush cotton looks so cozy! Perfect for fall weekends

  138. AnnaLaura Rehwinkel says 9.25.19

    Classic white shirt! Always . Goes with everything!

  139. Nancy M Mills says 9.25.19

    I love the dot print blouse!

  140. Cheyanne Johnson says 9.25.19

    Classic white for me! Always looking for this style to dress up or down

  141. alex says 9.25.19

    Tumled Linen would be my go-to for hot texas and louisiana weather!

  142. Lauren says 9.25.19

    I am sort of anti-ironing, so i like the liquid lyocell in stripes!

  143. Julie says 9.25.19

    The tissue cotton shirt in white and blue!

  144. Caroline says 9.25.19

    I love the look of the tissue cotton! Would be perfect for how hot it still is here in Texas!

  145. mp128 says 9.25.19

    Love the classic white shirt!

  146. kate says 9.25.19

    classic white, always!

  147. Jade Verrecchia says 9.25.19

    I’ve never heard of this brand before! I love the classic white. The navy dot style is really cute too, I love navy and pink together. These look like great nursing-friendly options for when I go back to work after baby!

  148. Julie Sikkel says 9.25.19

    LOVE the feathered flannel stripe…especially the white with navy stripe 🙂

  149. Rachelle says 9.25.19

    love the hero tumbled linen stripe one, so excited for this.

  150. Alexandra Kvernland says 9.25.19

    Love the classic white button down and all the flannels!!!!

  151. Julie Anderson says 9.25.19

    I love the Cozy Cotton Stripes in June Blue!

  152. Alison says 9.25.19

    I’m loving the Feathered Flannel Stripe shirts! They would be perfect for the office and weekend wear.

  153. Michaella says 9.25.19

    I have to go with the classic white button down!

  154. Siobhan says 9.25.19

    The Liquid Lyocell just falls so so beautifully!

  155. courtney curley says 9.25.19

    The Hero in Sophia White! Hard to find a good white button down and I have been searching for something like this for nursing/pumping!

  156. Ellie Murray says 9.25.19

    I love the classic white. Can’t go wrong with classic anything.

  157. Mary says 9.25.19

    White button down every time!!

  158. Laura B. says 9.25.19

    I love the washed cotton shirt in the valentina starlet print. It is a fun print.

  159. Allison says 9.25.19

    Loving the classic white “Hero”!

  160. Lina says 9.25.19

    I’m eyeing the classic feathered flannel in stripes.

  161. Colleen says 9.25.19

    I love the classic white shirt. It’s perfect!!

  162. Keri says 9.25.19

    I love the “I am a voter” shirt!

  163. Sarah says 9.25.19

    I’m not sure which style I like best buy would definitely pick one in plaid

  164. Erin says 9.25.19

    Love the white button down!

  165. Lindsay says 9.25.19

    I love the Liquid Lyocell in Stripes!!!

  166. Shelby Etheridge says 9.25.19

    Love that you are working with this awesome brand! I would definitely get the classic white. I love it!

  167. Grace says 9.25.19

    The washed cotton on white looks great!

  168. Rachel says 9.25.19

    I mean, seeing you in the white classic button down sold me. I never thought I could pull this look off, but now I’m thinking maybe I can!

  169. Melody Mahla says 9.25.19

    Loving the classic Hero in linen!

  170. Elizabeth says 9.25.19

    My wardrobe could definitely benefit from some lovely new shirts like these! I really like the Washed Cotton Cassatt Blue Flowers and Valentina White Starlet!

  171. Jenn says 9.25.19

    I love the voting shirt!!! Such a great idea!

  172. Becca says 9.25.19

    I want the I am a voter shirt and part of the proceeds go to a good cause!

  173. Leah says 9.25.19

    That feathered flannel looks amazing! Can’t wait for cooler weather.

  174. Mary says 9.25.19

    Obsessed with the white shirt!

  175. Marisa says 9.25.19

    Idk what it is but the Liquid Lyocell looks silky and chic!

  176. Erin says 9.25.19

    Omg love the voter one!! Need to have it!!

  177. Jennie Hawes says 9.25.19

    Classic white is my very favorite!

  178. Mary Morgan says 9.25.19

    Love the classic white button down—I already know all the ways I could use it!

  179. Ariana says 9.25.19

    My favorite would have to be The Hero is white!

  180. Kristen says 9.25.19

    Classic white button down! Why so hard to find. This looks exceptional!

  181. Cara says 9.25.19

    I love the classic white button down!

  182. Raechelle says 9.25.19

    I really love the classic white button down and have been looking for a good one!

  183. Emily says 9.25.19

    Love the white!

  184. Sara says 9.25.19

    Classic white always wins for me.

  185. Kathy Perdue says 9.25.19

    I’m living all the striped shirts especially in endless summer cotton or a solid in liquid lovely. I get that feels dreamy. I need s good fitting classic white shirt too. What a great giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity fingers crossed.

  186. Ashley says 9.25.19

    I love the cozy cotton in white ! Such a versatile piece to add to my closet.

  187. Kate H says 9.25.19

    That classic white is

  188. Monica says 9.26.19

    The classic!

  189. Millie Wharton says 9.26.19

    I really love the endless summer cotton in plaid!

  190. Katherine says 9.26.19

    Love love the tumbled linen!

    I feel like at work I’m constantly having an “oh this shirt is see through” or “huh this doesn’t fit me anymore” kinda moment, would love a shirt upgrade!!!

  191. Amy Conly says 9.26.19

    The classic white!!
    Great giveaway, thank you

  192. Emily R says 9.26.19

    The Hero Cozy Cotton shirt looks perfect. And I love the voter shirt!

  193. Anne Caverly says 9.26.19

    I love that they size based on weight and height! As a long torsoed person I have the hardest time finding shirts that are long enough! Usually if I got up in size it just gets wider not longer. I love love love the classic hero shirt in white ❤️

  194. Katie says 9.26.19

    Oh man, I love all the feathered flannels, but especially the Isabel indigo with white stripe. It looks so comfy!

  195. Jennifer Snyder says 9.26.19

    Love the white washed cotton! Nothing beats a comfy white button down for versatility! Would love to hear what you thought about the difference in fabrics!

  196. Kim says 9.26.19

    the washed cotton in white ❤️

  197. Rachel says 9.26.19

    Grayson has the best button-ups! Love the hero washed cotton!


  198. Nancy Lee says 9.26.19

    Love the classic white! ❤️

  199. Donna says 9.26.19

    I love swiss dots so the hero is my favorite.

  200. Samantha says 9.26.19

    I love the classic white!!! What a great, excellently-styled shirt! Could use these for my finance job – one for each day of the week!

  201. Bailey says 9.26.19

    The classic white is my fave! I need a new one in my closet

  202. Cassie says 9.26.19

    Love the tissue cotton solid in BOTH colors!

  203. Mary Ellen Wiegand says 9.26.19

    Love the dotted blue!

  204. Sarah says 9.26.19

    I love the dot print shirt, super sassy style!

  205. Sarah Schulte says 9.26.19

    Thanks Grace! My favorite is the classic white button down.

  206. E says 9.26.19

    Love the classic white button down! I’m very intrigued by the brand since I’ve always struggled with the annoying gapping at the boobs!

  207. Marty says 9.26.19

    Love the cozy cotton white button down … the I Am a Voter one is really cool.

  208. Angie H. says 9.26.19

    Love the classic white button down!

  209. Shannon Cannon says 9.27.19

    crossing my fingers!!!!

  210. Mary Williams says 9.27.19

    Loving the white shirt, since I can wear it alone with pants or a nice skirt, or add a sweater or vest over it and it’s totally business friendly, along with enjoying the weekend or evening nicely.

  211. Ashley says 9.27.19

    Love the tumbled linen print in Bobbi Navy!

  212. Pat Schwab says 9.27.19

    Grace, love the look of shirts but I wonder about sleeve length as I’m tall. I do like a shirt with rolled-up cuffs though. I would want a couple white shirts, the polka dot, the chloe blue solid, and perhaps a plaid design. They look very comfortable but stylish. Thanks, Pat S

  213. Constance Nathan says 9.27.19

    Love them ALL!!! Classic. elegant, and easy! Favorite? Maybe the white cozy cotton classic….love it!!!!

  214. Orla says 9.27.19

    Tissue cotton in butterflies
    I would wear it to work
    Thanks for the discount code Grace!!❤️

  215. Kellie Eckhardt says 9.27.19

    The navy dotted blouse

  216. Allison Calhoun says 9.28.19

    The Hero in plush flannel would be amazing for fall!

  217. Freya says 9.28.19

    I love the dotted one you’ve picked!

  218. Valerie H says 9.28.19

    I love Grayson! I bought a blue/white linen stripe shirt from them this summer and now I want a white one.

  219. Lyndsey says 9.29.19

    Love the liquid lyocell with the dots & the striped feathered flannel!

  220. Grace says 9.29.19

    I love the stripes!

  221. Colleen Smith says 9.29.19

    love the blue polka dot shirt, looks fabulous

  222. Laura johnson says 9.30.19

    Classic white!

  223. Amy Strozier says 10.2.19

    Thank you so much for such wonderful reviews! So happy I found your blog Grace!