The Best Eye Makeup Remover.

The Best Eye Makeup Remover - The Stripe.

I’ve been searching for the best eye makeup remover for quite some time now, and up until now I would have told you to forget store bought makeup remover and just use regular old coconut oil. Coconut Oil is gentle, completely non-irritating, and it gets the job done. But I love a good ritual, and like to feel like I’m doing something special for my skin before bedtime. Enter Om Aroma Co and their new Coconut Pre-Cleanse Oil.

This stuff is good. Real good. (Side note: I realize that saying “real good” is grammatically incorrect; note that I say it for effect.) I massage a few drops directly to the area around my eyes prior to cleansing and it loosens up even the most stubborn eye makeup. It also smells amazing (coconut with jasmine + lavender) and is 100% non-irritating and gentle. I’ve had issues in the past with makeup removers irritating my eyes (even all natural ones!) so up until finding this guy, the only thing that worked without irritation was coconut oil.

As an added bonus? It also doubles as a lash conditioner, helping your lashes to grow longer + fuller. I honestly don’t know if it actually helps your lashes grow (right now I’m using Neulash + Mister Lash morning + night and my lashes have definitely gotten longer… but I can’t be sure if this oil is helping at all.) To be honest, it smells so good and works so well that I don’t really care about anything else!

The Best Eye Makeup Remover - The Stripe

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  1. Make up removal is so important! I love lancome a lot 🙂

    Warm Regards,

    5.28.15 Reply
  2. I use organic coconut oil before washing, and sometimes I add some high quality essential oils to it.

    5.28.15 Reply