The Best Dress.


My friend Lexi wore this Otte dress to dinner a month or two ago. Lexi, for the record, is hot. Like so hot that you probably wouldn’t like her very much except she’s really, really nice. And smart, too. Not all humans are created equal, my friends. Sad but true.  But anyway, this dress. Lexi paired it with a giant fur coat, and I don’t think she buttoned any of the buttons. My friend and I just sort of stared at her wondering what this beautiful human was doing hanging out with us. Just kidding. We are like really fun, so everyone wants to hang out with us.

But the dress. I wanted it. I just wasn’t sure how it would look on me. I went to Otte, and tried it on, and fell in love. I love how it moves in the wind while you walk. I love that you can unbutton it and wear a pretty bra underneath – but not look trashy. It comes in so many more colors too… I want another one! But anyway, everyone needs this dress and that is all I have to say about that.

Also, today only… Otte is offering 25% off of its entire signature line with code OTTELOVE25. So get this dress.

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photography by Lydia Hudgens

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  1. kimberly says 4.24.14

    All I can think about when looking at these photos is: GIVE ME YOUR HAIR!

  2. Emma Fox says 4.24.14

    Looks so cute with the earrings!

  3. Love this whole look…that dress is heaven!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  4. Carrie Kamm says 4.24.14

    Is the dress see through?

    • Grace Atwood says 4.24.14

      Nope! At least not that I noticed. I wore a black bra and underwear and it seems fine! The hem is slightly sheer in bright light (and I think some of the lighter colors err on the more sheer side) but in black its totally fine.

  5. Kate says 4.24.14

    You look gorgeous! The dress looks so effortlessly elegant and cool, but it’s your HAIR that’s killing me here! It looks so good!

  6. Saša Rakovec says 4.24.14

    Love the shape of this dress!

  7. Corals and Cognacs had this dress in a vibrant animal print and I absolutely love it on both of you.

  8. Lindsay says 4.24.14

    So every Lexi I know is beautiful/hot. What’s up with that? Something about the name? Thinking that might need to find it’s way to the top of my baby girl name list.

  9. Alex Dickerson says 4.24.14

    also Lexi seemingly walks with her own personal wind machine, full blown hot sexy hair, lots of movement. I’ve never seen anyone enter a restaurant like that…
    But yes, we are like, really fun.

  10. this dress is fully awesome; love seeing pieces like this on because the web site just doesn’t do it justice. Oh, and clicked through to Lexi’s site… fully gorgeous! 🙂


  11. Meghan says 4.24.14

    Have this dress also and love it! It’s clutch in the summer!

  12. Taylor says 4.24.14

    OMG I really LOVE this story, and this dress. I’ve been eyeing it for months, ALSO after I saw the little hottie Lexi wearing it. xo

  13. Lexi says 4.24.14

    Did I tell you you’re perfect? Take those buttons down girl! And Alex… I see you 🙂

    • Grace Atwood says 4.24.14

      you’re perfect. stop being so hot.

  14. Annie Reeves says 4.24.14

    I’ve been wanting this dress for so long! It seems like it looks great on everyone – so I think I need to finally order it.

  15. Ghazaleh says 4.24.14

    love the dress, love the shoes, love the hair!! you look great!

  16. Belen says 4.24.14

    awesome dress!! love that it has high and low! awesome earrings too 🙂
    you look so happy!
    Xo, Belen
    Androbel Insider

  17. This look is so very chic! I love it!!!!!!! Seriously one of those looks that has nothing to do with trends, but everything to do with style…. SO GOOD!

  18. Jade says 4.27.14

    Beautiful look Grace! I especially love the jewelry 🙂