The Baby Foot Peel.

The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling
The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling


Okay. If you are half reading this post, or just skimming through your feed, I’m going to need you to stop whatever else you are doing and give me your full, undivided attention for the next five minutes. Because this post could be singlehandedly the most disgusting, most important, and most fascinating post I’ve ever written.

If you’ve tried the Baby Foot Peel before, then you already know how amazing it is. But if not, stop what you are doing and order this product immediately. Now… before you have to wear sandals and open toed shoes. The window is closing in. But luckily, there’s Amazon Prime. It will be the best $8.96 you ever spend.

Let’s back up. I’ve heard about foot peeling a few times before and made a mental note that I needed to try it. I have (or rather, had) callouses. My feet were basically hard on the bottom and I was okay with it… whatever. Boys have softer feet than me. Whatever. I basically grew up on the beach, ran cross country + track for years and then ran marathons after college, and while I’m not the greatest athlete now, high heels certainly take their toll. Rough feet. But it wasn’t until my friend Becca and I ventured down to The Face Shop in Chinatown (as an aside, I highly recommend it if you live in New York… especially if you are sheet mask obsessed like us) for a post Soul Cycle shopping excursion. We each bought like, fifteen sheet masks and all sorts of other random goodies… and (obviously) the foot peel.

The foot peel then proceeded to take over our lives. I’m completely serious. It actually took over our lives.

Becca started her peel a week before me. This was upsetting. I wanted to wait until the guy I’ve been hanging out with went out of town so not to completely terrify him. (This turned out to be a wise move, FYI… what happened to my feet was nothing short of terrifying – and amazing.) Meanwhile, Becca’s feet were peeling away and I had SO MUCH JEALOUSY. We work together, so every single day in the office started with a conversation about the status of our feet and their peeliness. Gross, I know. Our poor coworkers (not really – they all went out and bought the peel, too.)

So here’s how it goes. Basically, you soak your feet in these little booties filled with magical liquid (it contains a zillion types of fruit acids) for an hour and a half. I recommend setting up a little station with everything you need (book, TV, water, snacks.) Nothing happens at first. Your feet feel a little weird (like you’ve been in the bath too long.. pruny.) But then, 5-8 days later, the magic kicks in. The dead skin on your feet begins to just peel off (think of a snake, shedding its skin.) I didn’t take photos, but if you want to see photos, go here.. just prepare to be horrified. It was sort of like peeling off dried glue. Completely gross but also completely addicting. My feet peeled like crazy for four full days, and then stopped. What was left was an incredibly soft foot. No more callouses (seriously.) I’m still shocked by what happened to my feet. It’s nothing short of amazing.


I did a bit of research before conducting my own foot peeling (and Becca provided tips & tricks,) so here is my mini guide to the best possible foot peeling.

Tips & Tricks for the best foot peeling experience:

  1. Prior to applying your peel, take a bath and exfoliate with a pumice stone. This will prep your feet as best as possible for what’s to come.
  2. Once your feet start peeling, it’s really helpful to soak them every night. For whatever reason, water seems to accelerate the process. I soaked my feet every night and then (literally) wiped away sheets of dead skin with a washcloth.
  3. Don’t moisturize your feet during the process.
  4. And seriously. If there is a dude in your life, or you have roommates… either warn them, or wait til they are away to do this. It’s terrifying and disgusting. And that’s why I said to do it now before sandal season.
  5. Be prepared to vacuum. Daily. Twice a day. Constantly.

Have you tried it? If so… please… tell! If not, get yours here. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for more callouses to appear so that I can do this all over again.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Becca:


    4.3.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      oh herro. i did not know you read this site! 😉

      4.6.15 Reply
  2. Cathleen:

    I’m fascinated and disgusted at the same time…..I need to try this!

    4.3.15 Reply
  3. Shay:

    Does it hurt?

    4.3.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Not at all!

      4.4.15 Reply
  4. Alyssa:

    After years of ballet and years of never getting pedicures because I don’t have time, my feet are awful. This is truly intriguing…


    4.3.15 Reply
  5. felicia sullivan:

    I totally ordered this.

    4.3.15 Reply
  6. Casey:

    I did babyfoot, but while it made my feet soft I didn’t think it got rid of calluses 🙁 More skin peeled from the top of my foot, middle, toes, etc. But the calluses were still there–although slightly softer!

    4.3.15 Reply
  7. Katie:

    Oh man I am ordering one of these RIGHT NOW. This sounds amazing/terrifying and I can’t wait to try it, my feet are in super rough shape.

    4.3.15 Reply
  8. Jackie (York Avenue):

    Hah, I was casually reading this and doing other stuff and then clicked on the picture of the foot peeling and yeah…that stopped me in my tracks. Like, ew, but also, wow. I’m not big on beauty treatments but my feet could seriously use some help before sandal season…I think I’m going to try this. Thanks Grace!

    4.3.15 Reply
  9. Alexandra:

    Ah!! So weird, and yet so interesting and I need to do it. But still, so scary haha

    Warm Regards,

    4.3.15 Reply
  10. Sharon:

    Ok, so I recently tried BabyFoot… it was singlehandedly, the most disgusting thing I have ever done to my body in the name of beauty, that being said, it was also the most fascinating thing I have ever done to my body in the name of beauty. I thought nothing was happening after 5 days, then on day 7 my feet started to peel a little, then by days 8 and 9 it was fully shedding (yes, like a snake, I used that comparison myself when explaining it to my friends – and all my friends know I HATE feet- gross). The skin was literally like brand new baby soft feet. My thick grey, elephant-like skin heels were soft and pretty again. The only complaint is that the affects don’t last that long. About 10 days later my heels started hardening up again. butI also happen to have really dry skin despite drinking tons of water and slathering on Carmex dry skin healing ointment at night and Carmex dry skin cream during the day. I will try this again a few more times just to see if following up three-four times produces better results that last longer. Babyfoot was more expensive at $25 per treatment.

    4.3.15 Reply
    • Marilyn:

      Hi Sharon,
      I just read your comment that you left about your feet and the baby foot product.

      You had mentioned that you have very dry feet despite drinking a lot of water. You also said that you use a couple of different products by Carmex.
      Perhaps part of the problem of your dry feet is actually BECAUSE of the Carmex!

      Whether for your lips or for your feet/hands, their product includes several very very drying ingredients, causing the need to use more and more. While it is a very good marketing plan, it does not do much for the consumer.
      I know this from a very extensive history and experience with Carmex myself, and just wanted to pass this along.

      Do yourself a huge favor and get yourself a giant jar of organic coconut oil! It will not only moisterize & soften, but coconut oil has natural antibacterial properties.

      3.4.16 Reply
  11. Katie / Charming City Style:

    This is horrifying and amazing all at the same time, and I want to go on amazon right this second and order it.

    4.3.15 Reply
  12. Eliz:

    Wow, this is fascinating and disturbing all at once! Did you have to wear shoes that covered your feet the whole time, or could you wear pumps to work? I want to try this but I’m nervous!!

    4.3.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      i think you could get away with pumps!!

      4.6.15 Reply
  13. Cortney:

    The peel is indeed wonderfully disgusting but I’m most interested in how you met this guy! We’re more or less neighbors – I’m also early 30s and based in NYC, and I cannot figure this one out. Where are they hiding?

    4.3.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      hahaha, love that! um yeah… dating is hard! I have a no talking about dating rule for my site, but I will just say that there are some good guys on tinder if you’re willing to put up with the nonsense (i have three friends in long term relationships who met on tinder!)

      4.6.15 Reply
  14. Megan:

    I’ve been so curious to try this after hearing about it off and on over the last year or so. Definitely going to have to give it a try (and somehow try to wipe those images from my head)!

    4.3.15 Reply
  15. Jamie:

    Now I’m completely fascinated. You had me sold with the most disgusting and most important thing ever.

    I just ordered some because now I’m convinced this may actually work!

    Hello There, Lady!

    4.3.15 Reply
  16. Stephanie @

    Oh my god… I think I have to try this.

    4.3.15 Reply
  17. LoveCompassionateLee:

    This IS the most important post you written 🙂
    Baby soft feet is a must! Thank you for sharing this product with us, as well as the helpful tips.

    Good Friday everyone!

    4.3.15 Reply
    • LoveCompassionateLee:

      *you’ve written*

      4.3.15 Reply
  18. Wishes & Reality:

    TOTALLY trying this!


    4.3.15 Reply
  19. Monica:

    I love baby foot also! The only downside is that the first time I wore heels after the peel I ended up with the worst blisters ever and in terrible pain because my new skin couldn’t handle it. So next time I guess I’ll stick to flats for the first few weeks after…

    4.4.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      ahhh yeah, I could see that! I’ve had a harder time with my heels too!

      4.6.15 Reply
  20. Theodora:

    Disgusted and intrigued…but I am training for the BK Half so thinking I will hold off on trying until after…even though it will be sandal season by then. Also I had no idea you’d run marathons…and definitely just Athlinks-ed you 🙂

    4.5.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      omg that is hilarious. yes, that was a long long time ago… like, when i first moved here 9 years ago! no clue how athlinks works! yes, def wait until AFTER your half… but your feet will thank you!

      4.5.15 Reply
  21. Emily:

    Thanks, Grace! I’m sold. Ordered the foot peel immediately after reading the post. BUT….must know: What shoes do you wear during this process? Obviously not sandals, but are flats even too little coverage for the insanity of the peel? And can you wear socks? SHOULD you wear socks? This is crucial information! Haha. Thanks for recommending, and thank you in advance for your footwear suggestions!

    4.6.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Emily! I think I would wear ballet flats (that you aren’t crazy about) or slip on sneakers. That’s what I did. The best option is sneakers with socks but that gets boring. You should definitely wear socks whenever you can.

      4.6.15 Reply
  22. alyson:

    omg, I am terrified and kind of really interested in doing this. those photos are intense!

    4.6.15 Reply
  23. jillian:

    i’ve heard about this on the Today show and I’ve been wanting to try it… good to know it really works! xo jillian

    4.7.15 Reply
  24. Joyce:

    So, I’m too afraid to click on the link to the photos. YET, I just ordered it. Thanks for sharing! I guess I’ll see for myself how snake-like my feet get!!

    4.8.15 Reply
  25. Guest:

    Hi, just found this while researching this product. I have a lot of dry skin on the tops of my feet. I was wondering if the gel reached there too or if it was just the bottom? The only pictures I can find seem to be just of the bottoms or the sides. Thank you.

    7.4.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi! No, the gel doesn’t reach the top of your foot so much as the bottom. I think you could put some on the top of your foot, just be careful. The peel sloughs off callouses; and I can’t imagine that the dry skin on the tops of your feet needs such an intense exfoliation (maybe try a good scrub + heavy duty moisturizer for the top part of your foot?)

      7.4.15 Reply
  26. Nicole (Cuckoolemon):

    i need to try. i just ordered it

    2.19.16 Reply
  27. Love This Product:

    OH MY GOODNESS, This works really well. At first, I didn’t see anything happening after almost 5 days but lord let me tell you, it was scary to see all that skin coming off. I’d say it peeled for almost 2 weeks and now it’s exactly as it states… I now have baby feel.. Sooo soft, no hard skin nothing, this is GREAT!!

    5.6.16 Reply
  28. Kanchan:

    Hi i want to order in bolk and supply in my country , are you going to give me wholsale rate?

    5.23.16 Reply
  29. Charles Allen:

    What is the average over all time of the process from when you first started to your last day?

    7.15.16 Reply
  30. Teresa:

    OMG…I did this last year and all of my boys (age 8 and twins 5 year olds) were just as fascinated…so much so they ask every month if I’m going to peel my feet again. I’m giving them a pedi break right now and doing a foot peel this week…and they are all so excited…hahahaha…it’s gross and cool all at once…and ND have some Drano around for when your dead skin clogs up your bathtub. For reals.

    7.27.16 Reply
  31. Masha Jones:

    Freaking love this product! Have you tried any similar products? Was wondering about the comparisons. It was gross. But I had Frozen Pelvis from endometriosis and couldn’t attend to my feet properly. Took three weeks but wow! I need this to work by next weekend though. Date for major event got away from me.

    10.12.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Masha! I have not tried anything similar!!! I don’t know anything that will work by next weekend – maybe just try giving your feet a really good scrub? x

      10.12.16 Reply
  32. Holly:

    I’m in the middle of a peel now (my 2nd one in a few years). It’s day 7 and the magic is starting to happen! I’m currently wearing socks around the house and to bed to catch the shedding dead skin. And yes, soaking them daily helps!! Can’t wait for my feet to be bsby soft again!!

    3.9.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      ahhhhh thanks for sharing Holly! It really is magic! And gross!!! I need to do it again, it’s been a while since my last peel.

      3.9.17 Reply
  33. Kali DeVille:

    I started my peel yesterday and I wish I had gotten to your post before then. I found this by searching “speeding up the baby feet peel process speeding up the baby feet peel process”. Literally after I put lotion on my feet and stuck them into my Crocs. *lol*

    I did soak my feet for almost 30 minutes beforehand, but I did not promise. I’m hoping that will not make that drastic of a change. I then sat with the booties for about an hour and 15 minutes. It only said an hour on the packaging, but now I wish I had gone a little bit longer.

    Do you think that it’s going to be a problem that I put lotion on my feet right now? Because it going to take out all the chemicals?

    I’m sorry if I sound dumb. *lol*

    6.12.18 Reply
  34. Kay Bates:

    I have been using baby foot for about 2 years now and it works great! But I wonder if it would work better if I didn’t soak my feet before I put the boots on. Wouldn’t the skin on my feet soak up more of the solution if they weren’t already waterlogged? Just a thought. What do you think?

    6.28.18 Reply
  35. Angel:

    I’ve done it many times over the years and I’m at the beginning of the feeling process this moment!

    I too find that it helps to soak your feet daily and that the actual peeling process is very addicting . And the outcome, having feet as soft and smooth as a babies bottom let alone a baby‘s foot is so totally worth it I vacuum often, and otherwise wear socks around the house, and though I prefer to still be wearing sandals, for these couple of days my feet are covered when I go out! But it’s worth it ! Do it now!!!!

    9.13.18 Reply
  36. Angel:

    Another alternative remedy for cracked heels and dry feet, thank you for the new insight here. I followed this post recently so if I don’t find it here in my country the smile foot peeling in the market, or it might depend on the availability. I will try in the meantime the other way to lessen the layered dried skin on my feet. I do hope it will work. Anyway, I will share your piece with a friend of mine.

    3.2.20 Reply