The 5 Prettiest Beauty Products for Spring.


Ahhh Spring. I can practically feel it. Daylight savings time makes the mornings a little tougher, but the evenings are so much sweeter. It’s so nice leaving the office and having it still be light out!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Spring beauty routine, and if I could describe my ideal look with just one word, it would be: pretty. That might sound silly as obviously, you want your makeup to make you look prettier, but these products will make you look like a slightly better version of yourself. Just pretty and natural… nothing too dramatic… just rosy pinks + neutrals and the most subtle (still tasteful) amounts of shimmer. I’ve been testing up a storm of pretty products, and these are my top five. All of them can be bought at Nordstrom (my fave for online beauty shopping… their speedy shipping + no hassle return policy makes it easy!)


For face, I adore Laura Mercier’s Shimmer Bloc in Pink Mosaic. Shimmer makes me nervous but this is very wearable and subtle (not in the least bit frosty or metallic!) The four (baked) shades (a combination of pinks, bronze, + peach) blend together to give you the most beautiful all over glow. I use a big fluffy brush (this is a good one) and run it along my hair line, over the tops of my cheeks and down the bridge of my nose. So pretty.


One of the saddest things that’s happened this month (I’m being a bit facetious/overdramatic if you couldn’t tell) was that I made the decision to get rid of my eyelash extensions. Living la vida freelance, it was one of those unnecessary expenses that I can do without. I’m not saying I’ll never have them again (they’re the absolute best in the summer when you’re at the beach, etc.) but for now I’m relying on this “Maxi Lash” mascara from Guerlain. It leaves my lashes longer, fuller, soft, and slightly curled. The best part though, is the major volume. Also, Guerlain has the most beautiful packaging. It reminds me of something my grandmother would have had back in the twenties.

Also on the note of lashes, I’m thinking of finally splurging on neuLash. Has anyone tried it? I’ve heard the best things but I’m still a little skeptical.


I’ve always had a hard time with cream eye shadows (as they always crease or slide off of my eyelid by lunch) but this one from Bobbi Brown (in Beach Honey) stays on for a full eight hours without creasing. The shimmery beige is really beautiful, too. I put this on my lids and use a tiny bit on my brow bone as highlighter.


Charlotte Tilbury has quickly become a new favorite of mine. If you’re not familiar with her, she’s one of the top makeup artists (Kate Moss is a client!) and grew up in Ibiza. (Not sure why that’s relevant but it’s cool in my opinion) I initially became hooked on her magic cream this winter as it is so insanely hydrating + fixed my skin after a bad cold, but my newest obsession is her K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipsticks. The name of this one (Bitch Perfect!) hooked me at first but it’s the perfect rosy neutral. It looks like your natural lips, but better + more enhanced. (And the formula is so creamy!)


Last but not least, nails! I obsessed over Christian Louboutin’s nail polishes for a while before picking this one up (the bottle is a miniature work of art!) but I finally tried out “Just Nothing” The bottle is inspired by historic European architecture, but the best part is the brush. Holding it is a lot like holding a paint brush – making painting your nails a lot easier. The formula is free of all the nasty stuff and it holds up without chipping (I painted my nails with this on Friday and they still look perfect.)


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  1. Caitlin says 3.10.15

    Love these tones for spring! Pretty is the perfect word for spring makeup, indeed! Can’t wait to try some of them out!
    xo, Caitlin

  2. Natalie Heather says 3.10.15

    I totally know what you mean about wanting to look ‘pretty’, as obvious as it does sound! These products are all gorgeous and sound incredible. I’ve definitely added a few things to my list… I feel like so many people have Bitch Perfect, and I think part of the draw is the name to be honest! It’s hilarious!

  3. Luxxmint says 3.10.15

    How gorgeous is that Guerlain packaging? I’m still yet to try anything but Charlotte T but the beach sticks are high up on my list.


    • graceatwood says 3.12.15

      I’m completely obsessed with it! So pretty + vintage-esque!

  4. alyson says 3.10.15

    these are so pretty! absolutely love the idea of the LM quad.

  5. Elizabeth says 3.10.15

    I’ve used NeuLash and it does really work! I actually had to cut back on using it because when I would wear mascara, my lashes would reach all the way up to my eyebrows and smudge on my brow bone! It’s different from Latisse in that it doesn’t darken or thicken lashes, but if you’re just looking for length, it’s a winner.

    • graceatwood says 3.10.15

      ahhh amazing – that sounds like exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you – I just ordered it 🙂

      • Jordan :) says 3.10.15

        grace – after you use neulash for a while, can you post a review of it? i would love to try it but im genuinely worried about bad side affects… i heard latisse can darken blue eyes and i do not want that!!! any info you could provide would be great 🙂

        • Brandy says 3.10.15

          Hey, I tried neulash and it does actually work but you have to use it as directed and not skip days. I got comments from friends at how long my eye lashes were. I stopped using it and they did not stay long, I think I am going to start using it again. I was hesitant to try Latisse for the same reason, and Neulash did NOT change my eye color and I have blue eyes. I used it for about 5 months and nothing like that happened. Neubrow is also great.

          • Jordan :) says 3.11.15

            thanks for the info! 🙂

        • graceatwood says 3.12.15

          absolutely! I’ve heard neulash does NOT have any of the side effects of latisse (i’ve also heard it’s not quite as good, but I would not want to risk it with my eyes either!!)

  6. Natali says 3.10.15

    I gotta try out Charlotte Tilbury! I have never heard of her before, because I’m from Europe, but I just saw her booth at Nordstrom and I’ll def. give her products a try.

  7. Meagan says 3.10.15

    Get the Neulash.

    Started using it about 3 weeks ago and I can already see a difference. My lashes are touching my reading glasses. Love it!

    • graceatwood says 3.10.15

      omg thank you – between you and elizabeth’s recommendations i just ordered. THANKS! 😉

  8. Elana says 3.10.15

    Oh! I love Laura Mercier! I definitely want to get the Shimmer Block for a little more glow.

  9. rebecca says 3.10.15

    Great post, I wish I could get Charlotte Tilbury products in Canada! The Louboutin polish looks so pretty ❤

  10. Sardis Jaque says 3.10.15

    Is it bad that I bought the Christian Louboutin’s nail polish and I don’t want to use it, because is too pretty, and I just want to have it as decor?


    • graceatwood says 3.12.15

      haha I’m the same. I use mine but it’s displayed on one of my shelves like a miniature work of art!

  11. Jeanne says 3.10.15

    Beautiful beauty picks!

  12. Lisa says 3.11.15

    So this is a random question….but for the neuLash users out there….do you think it would work on eyebrows!? Like so many of us, I over plucked my beautifully full eyebrows in my teens/20’s and now they wont grow back…period. Thinking it couldn’t hurt to try this? I thought about Latisse but since it requires a prescription I haven’t tried it yet.

    • graceatwood says 3.12.15

      Hi Lisa,
      I haven’t tried it yet, BUT I saw that neulash actually has a product designed specifically for eyebrows:

      (read the Nordstrom reviews — it sounds as though it really works!)
      xx -Grace