The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.

My apartment was a war zone so I treated myself to a night at one of Brooklyn's most beautiful hotels.

It was one of those weeks where anything and everything could go wrong. It had already been a stressful week with the busy holiday season and then my neighbor and I smelled gas in our building so we called 911. Turns out, we had a gas leak! The leak was in the apartment above mine and I’d been told that the workers would need to come by my apartment, cut a hole in the ceiling, and access her pipe. Seemed straightforward enough, right?

Wrong! Flash forward to 8am on Monday morning. I’m at home, just getting to work (in my pajamas) when no fewer than five workers showed up. They did a quick assessment of the space and informed me that it was not just the bathroom they had to cut into… they had to go in through my bedroom wall and then my closet and then my bathroom. Everything inside the closet needed to be removed, as did an entire side of my bedroom. Whomp. I have a lot of clothes… so dismantling the closet was… a bit of a nightmare. Everything was everywhere.

Outfit Details: Vineyard Vines Sweater (c/o, also available here) // 7 for All Mankind Jeans // J.Crew Factory Wedges

This is a frustrating thing for anyone to deal with on a Monday, especially when you work from home… but it was ultra annoying as I had been planning to shoot several beauty/lifestyle posts that day. That definitely wasn’t happening.

For the first night I just dealt with the mess and slept on my couch. But it had gotten to a point where I was missing deadlines with brand partners as I didn’t have a place to shoot, so I did something a little irresponsible (but also amazing). I treated myself to a night at The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. It was divine and turned what had been a disastrous day into a really luxurious one. Trent came over and we shot in the space for a few hours and then I had the rest of the evening to myself to relax in an calm, soothing space. I took a nice long shower, did some reading, ordered room service, watched a movie, and just gave myself permission to chill the eff out. It was really just the greatest. My room had sweeping views of the bridge and I left the curtains open until the very last minute falling asleep as the view was just so dreamy.

In keeping with the theme (of trying to relax and not sweat the little stuff) I picked up this book. I’ve been reading it for the past few weeks and am absolutely loving it so far. It’s taking me longer to read (which is usually the case for me with non-fiction/self-help books) as there’s so much useful information/thoughts/ideas that I have to let it all really soak in and marinate… but from what I’ve read so far I would highly recommend it!!!

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  1. What an indulgence, and one that you truly deserve! The photos are so beautiful and the view is gorgeous! ❤️ Hope you enjoyed your stay! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Kristin Bassett says 12.27.17

    Sounds like a stressful situation, but I’m glad to hear you all are safe. It’s a good thing you noticed the gas leak when you did! – Kristin | It’s Kristin

  3. Briana says 12.27.17

    I had a similar experience back in November when the heat was out in my apartment so I stayed at a hotel in downtown Brooklyn for the weekend and it felt so luxurious!

    Funny enough, during that stay, my friend and I walked down to 1 Hotel so I could show her Pierhouse, the apartments next door (which are insane and apparently residents get perks from the hotel?!). So glad you got to turn your nightmare into a fun staycation 🙂

    briana |

  4. Sometimes when things are going bad you need to treat yourself! The view from that hotel is amazing!

  5. Helen says 12.27.17

    I think you truly deserved to treat yourself after such a hectic Monday! This hotel definitely looks like the type of place I’d like to escape to if I was in need of a self-care day. Love your sweater, by the way!


  6. patricia says 12.27.17

    but were any of the fire fighters cute tho???

    • Cy says 12.27.17


    • grace at the stripe says 12.28.17

      HAHA yes they were but I think they were rather unimpressed by us and our cluelessness with the gas leak.

  7. Natali says 12.27.17

    Great recommendation, thank you for sharing about this hotel!

  8. Shannon says 12.28.17

    Grace, glad to hear you could turn an awful situation into a fun staycation!

  9. Erika says 12.28.17

    Just listened to that book on my way to/from holiday with my family. The insights were not only amazing, but the author is hilarious, so that it doesn’t feel so heavy! Would recommend listening if you’re having trouble getting through it, as the narrator is PERFECT (and you can really get a sense of the authors tone).

    • grace at the stripe says 12.28.17

      Ooh I love that!!! Super smart – like listening to a podcast or something. 🙂