Tata Harper Honey Blossom Resurfacing Mask.

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As I will tell anyone who will listen, Tata Harper has changed my skin. Her line of natural, non-toxic skincare is one of the best I’ve tried. Out of the entire line, her Resurfacing Mask is probably my favorite product. I’ve written about it here + here and use it at least once a week… usually before bed but also a few hours before a big event if I need a little extra glow. It works like a peel (without the irritation) to deliver instant glow, smaller pores and smoother skin.

When I found out that she’d released a limited edition honey blossom resurfacing mask (only 1500 were made!) I was instantly curious as honey is so good for your skin. It has detoxifying properties, but it’s also incredibly soothing + hydrating. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried a honey mask (you can actually apply honey directly to your skin if you’re brave, but I also really love the honey mask from this post) but they’re so decadent. The honey melts right onto the skin and gets to work… sealing in hydration + soothing dry patches.

The inspiration behind the mask is actually Tata’s grandmother, who applied honey masks to her face when Tata was a child, growing up in Columbia. The formula is┬ájust like the traditional Resurfacing Mask but delivers additional nourishing + hydrating effects. They honey is harvested in Vermont (on Tata’s beautiful farm) from clover and alfalfa blossoms and it’s jam packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

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I was really impressed with the mask. It was just as good as my old favorite, but I prefer it to the original because of the extra boost of hydration.

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