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Earlier this week as part of my collab with Downy, I shared some comfy, cozy (extra snuggly) pieces that will make you want to snuggle up and get close. So dreamy. And then on Tuesday night (you might have seen via twitter) I cozied up and watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in my snuggliest pieces. But whenever I work with a brand, it’s really important to me that I get as much (useful) information from them as possible that I can share with you here, and Downy did not disappoint. I asked them for some tips & tricks that S&S readers could use to make their lives a little bit easier, and they came up with a bunch! Obviously, we all know that using fabric softener makes your clothes softer… and most of you know that it helps prevent wrinkles… but how about the following?

  1. Downy’s dryer sheets + fabric softener are amazing for static prevention. You probably know this (I did) but one thing I didn’t know is that they also help repel pet hair. If you are like me and have a cat you are probably always covered in cat hair unless you lint roll, but even fi you don’t have a pet, you’re probably being exposed to pets this holiday season at other peoples’ houses!
  2. Fabric softener actually protects the fibers of your clothing during the wash so that they last longer.
  3. This one is kinda gross but true (and good if your skin gets dry like mine in the winter.) Fabric softener actually reduces fabric friction against your skin. So if you treat your tights with Downy, you will get less skin flakes when you take them off. I know this sounds gross but I’ve definitely seen my skin flake off on my tights and been rather horrified by it!

And I wanted to share some other non-fabric softener related tips that I live by when it comes to taking good care of my wardrobe. We spend so much money on our prized possessions… it’s important to take good care of them to make them last as long as possible!

  1. Mesh lingerie bags are a godsend if you machine wash. Use them for everything to protect your delicates. If you are in more of a hurry/don’t have laundry in your apartment (like me), wash ’em in your sink and line dry. Lacy unmentionables are not meant to go in the dryer… ever! I like to keep a fancy detergent or delicate wash in my bathroom and wash a few nice things a few times a week. Since chatting more with the Downy team, now I add a tiny bit of fabric softener as I rinse them out, which allows for all the benefits I listed above!
  2. Get a thin rubber tread applied to the bottom of your best heels (this will also prevent slipping.) And at least once a year, take them in to have the rubber nub on your stilettos replaced. Even if it feels unnecessary, do it… your shoes will thank you!
  3. Invest in a fabric shaver. Don’t overuse it, but every season, use it to get rid of pills on coats + sweaters. A sweater stone is also very effective. Even better –using Downy can actually help prevent pilling in the first place!
  4. Pretty sachets make for a great gift, but also do the trick. I keep a few of my sister’s sachets in my lingerie drawer! I also love keeping a pretty laundry bag on hand… as silly as it sounds, beautiful accessories make chores more fun. Also, how cute is this set for travel?
  5. Tide Sticks are your best friend. I have one at my desk at home, one at my desk at work, one in my purse… and so on and so forth. If you are even slightly klutzy, buy them in bulk and use them to get stains out before they can set.

PS – in case you missed Downy’s new ad spot on Tuesday night, check out the spot below!

A big thank you to Downy for sponsoring this post!

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