Take a Liking to Lacquer

Today’s post is a little different from the norm: I’ve “traded blogs” with the lovely Laura Carson Miller of “Your Stylish Life.” Enjoy!

Hello there ~ my name is Laura and I have the honor of participating in a blog post swap with my fab friend Grace. I am a freelance lifestyle writer for magazines and the web and have a lifestyle blog called Your Stylish Life, so please visit often. Be sure to see what Grace is posting today!

My guest post today features something I am enamored with lately, lacquered furniture. Local interior designers and decorators here in the Atlanta area love it for their local clients residences and for their vacation homes, as well. Because it adds flair to modern or antique furniture and accessory looks, it is a true multi-tasker and will never go out of style. I love both the more subdued black/white lacquer looks and the bright, sometimes screaming hues of fuschia, lime green and day glo orange. For me, you can never go wrong with shiny ~ so shine on baby, shine on.

Stay Grateful,

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