Sunday Style Crush: Embellished Sweaters

I’m having a little moment with these pretty embellished sweaters.  Think ugly Christmas Sweater… but… not even slightly ugly.  Phillip Lim did an amazing job with this trend, but there are lots of other great versions out there.  Here are four of my favorites.

White Snowflake Sweater // Burgundy Collar Sweater

Cream Sweater // Heart Sweater

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  1. jackie jade says 11.18.12

    Love the heart sweater! So cute but in grownup colors.

  2. Nelya says 11.18.12

    I love the white one too. it’s simple with cute embellishments. xNel

  3. oh love those hearts!

  4. madeleine says 11.19.12

    I love the snowflake sweater! Wearing that I would be guaranteed a white Christmas whether the snow is falling outside or not!

  5. Alison says 11.19.12

    I love that snowflake sweater so elegant and beautiful!

  6. Elizabeth // The Now says 11.19.12

    Great picks! I am obsessed with the Phillip Lim sweaters. I may have to give myself one for my bday!!!


  7. Emily says 11.19.12

    Could not choose between #1 and #3 if I had to. All so fun!