Sunday Riley’s “Good Genes” – My Secret Weapon

Everyone has that expensive beauty product that they swear by. For some, it’s the infamous Crème de la Mer (which I still have yet to try.)  For others, it’s Kate Somerville (and I do love her products too!)

But for me, it’s Sunday Riley’s “Good Genes.”

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I’m a sucker for nice packaging and products with clever names. I also love supporting emerging/Indie beauty brands as I’m a bit jaded – having spent the past 8 years working in the beauty industry, I don’t buy products that make outrageous claims and (for the most part,) I don’t buy products that spend a lot in advertising.   Ironic for a brand manager, I know… I also try to feature products on my blog that are budget friendly and I (never!!) spend over $100 for a beauty product, but this one is worth the money.
So, there you have it.  Sunday Riley’s “Good Genes” is my go-to, must-have “splurge” beauty product. I swear, it really does give the effect of “good genes.” I’m only 28, so I don’t have too many fine lines, but the treatment plumps up your skin (in a good way,) produces brighter skin, and improves circulation. So, on the off-chance that I had a few too many glasses of wine, or not enough sleep, no one’s any wiser the next day.  It also leaves your skin feeling super soft and supple… (but the glow effect is what I like best.)

They say to use it 5 days in a row as an “intensive radiance treatment or anytime you want to impress.” Well, I slather it on daily, as I like to be radiant all the time… and I always want to impress.

More about the product: It contains NV-5 Ageless Complex (a combo of Blue Agave, Biofermented Aloe + Yeast extract, Prickly Pear, Lady’s Slipper Orchid, and Night blooming cactus.) The complex promises to detoxify and fight cellular inflammation. High-tech… but basically – just trust me. It works. Use it and your skin will glow. (Even after a night of no sleep and too many cocktails.)
Exclusively at Barneys for $105

Buy it, feel guilty about the price, use it daily (or just every now and again, like they recommend,) and thank me later.

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