Sunday Crafts – Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

The tradition of sealing letters with wax is an ancient one.  For years, people would have their own custom seal made (from lead, bronze, brass, etc.)  This was a tradition and actually common, and most everyone had their own seal.  Once a person died, their seal was customarily destroyed, so there aren’t very many old seals left today.

With texting & social media growing so popular, hand-written note cards are becoming a rarity.  I’m definitely guilty of not sending them often enough.  I try my best, but often forget.  This year, I wanted to make my Christmas thank-you notes a little more special, so I decided to write them and seal ’em up with my own wax seal.

Back then, they’d heat the wax and slowly drip it onto the letter.  Today, the project gets easier by incorporating a glue gun.  It’s an easy project, but gives a special feel to any hand-written note.

What you’ll need:  Glue gun, sealing wax sticks and metal stamp.

Insert one of the wax sticks into the glue gun and let it warm for at least 5 minutes.
Squirt on a blob of wax…
Hurry!  While the wax is still soft, smash your stamp into the blob.
Voila!  Your seal is created.
Let it cool, and repeat for the rest of your notes.

Psst – If you missed last week’s craft project, check it out here – make your own monogrammed tote!  I’m already excited for next week’s project.  It’s one of my favorites….

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  1. Would this harm your glue gun in any way or change the way it works afterwards?? Cool tutorial, thanks!!

    5.21.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Hi! Oh wow this is an old post! I don’t think so, but just to be safe I used one glue gun for wax and one for glue! 🙂

      5.21.14 Reply