Sunday Crafts – J.Crew inspired Knotted Twist Bracelet

When I saw this bracelet at J.Crew, I went a little bit nuts.  (It’s even better in person.) I love the combination of vintage-y looking chains with pearls – it’s the sort of thing you can wear with a t-shirt and jeans or to a dressier event as well.  I knew that I needed it.  I also know that I am supposed to be on a (relative) shopping hiatus.

The more I looked at the bracelet,  I knew I could make it myself.  I headed to the bead store and picked up some pearls & chain and immediately got to work.  All in all, the project took me about 45 minutes and $15 for materials… not so bad!

Before I get started – this project is a little bit tougher than the usual projects I post, but I promise – it is so worth it and I swear, anyone can make it.  Just take it bit by bit.  If you look at it in small sections (connecting one part to the other,) you can do anything.  I promise. I had to do it over a few times myself…  the first time I tried, the pearls I used were too large.  The second time, I didn’t use long enough pieces of chain.  The third time, it was perfect.  Luckily, now I’ve done the grunt work and measuring for you, so you’ll have an easier time making it than I did.

What You’ll Need:  Two strands of glass pearl beads (they sell for about $3 each at your local bead store… ask for the 3mm size,) tiger tail (plastic coated wire,) crimper beads, jump rings, 2.5 feet of chain (your pick… I chose an antique brass that sells for $3 per foot,) clasp, pliers, & wire nippers.

Begin by taking your chain (2.5 feet,) and cutting it into three equal length pieces.  (Having good wire nippers makes this a lot easier, but if you don’t have a pair, sharp scissors will work – it just may take a few tries and you might ruin the scissors.)

Attach each end of the chain to a jump ring, and then attach the jump ring to your clasp.
Repeat on the other side, attaching all three ends to one jump ring.
Hooray!  You are now 1/3 of the way there…  now it’s time to start making the pearl section.  Take a jump ring, and make sure that there is no space between the ends of the ring (adjust with your pliers if necessary.)  Cut off a length of tigertail, and attach using the crimper bead.  Close the crimper bead with your pliers.  String about 8-9 inches of pearl beads, and close the strand with another crimper bead and jump ring.
Repeat two more times so that you have three pearl strands, all the same length.
Attach all three strands to a jump ring.  Repeat on the other side.
Now, the hard part.  Basically, you need to look at your chain and your pearl as each being a rope.  You will take your two “ropes,” and tie them together in a sailor knot.  I have too difficult of a time explaining how to make the sailor knot, so I will direct you to this amazing tutorial, which makes it easy to do.
So, follow the directions and make your sailor knot.  Then attach the two pearl ends (the jump rings that you connected earlier,) together to the other part of the clasp.
Give the knot a good tug, and adjust as necessary.  Your bracelet is finished!!!
Put on a striped t, make your boyfriend take a picture of it (please excuse my chubby, pastey hand,) and wear with pride. (Laugh at all those suckers who paid $75 for the J. Crew version.  Yours is way better, and nothing beats being able to brag about your craftiness.)
PS – Already so excited for next week’s project.  Just to tease you… it involves fringe…

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  1. This bracelet is fab! Love how chunky it is, such a cute blog.


    11.12.12 Reply
  2. Ugh! I love it! Such a simple but neat idea.

    6.28.13 Reply
  3. Nice! Always loved pearls n chains!

    7.3.14 Reply
  4. This is pretty 😀

    9.12.14 Reply
  5. moshkin:

    very beautiful and simple.Given that, we can make this beautiful bracelet by combining different colors.

    1.11.16 Reply
  6. Hi, Thanks for this cool pattern! I tried the link to the sailor’s knot, but that page is gone. I will google it, but I thought you would want to know. Thank you again. First project looks fun!

    1.12.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      thanks for letting me know!

      1.12.16 Reply
  7. Ella barker:

    Love your ideas, please keep them coming

    1.13.16 Reply
  8. frankly, this bracelet is far more attractive than the one that ‘inspired’ it – it is just the style in which I delight and once I make one for me, it shall be my birthday gift for the year — classy and fun to wear

    3.1.16 Reply
  9. Very beautiful. I love it. Thank you for sharing your designs with us.

    6.11.16 Reply
  10. Cricket Booth:

    The end shot looked magnificent!! You have beautiful hands, not at all pasty and chubby lol. I love the contrast of the brass chain with the crispness of the white pearls. I wonder if you could sub gold chain with a cream pearl or a brown/chocolate chain with pink pearls if the look wiukd be as dramatic and pretty?
    Thank you for such a great fit project! Love it!

    10.15.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Aw, thank you! Happy you enjoyed the tutorial! xx

      10.17.16 Reply
  11. Kay:

    Like it.

    11.20.16 Reply
  12. Margaret:

    Awesome… thanks for sharing!

    6.24.17 Reply
  13. Judy Johnson:


    8.5.17 Reply
  14. Lovely! Thanks.

    10.11.17 Reply

    I like the simplicity of this but it looks great!

    11.30.17 Reply
  16. Kaytana:

    The design is simple and the execution is beautiful. Good work in breaking down the design for other do-it-yourselfers.

    12.15.17 Reply
  17. well i am going to make this bracelet.for my mother and.i go take a picture of it now i am like this knot bracelet it cool thank you for the pattern.i am going to put it on Facebook

    2.2.18 Reply
  18. Looks beautiful. I’d love to try my hand a making it.

    3.5.18 Reply
  19. MP. Holler:

    Each link of a chain has a can twist it apart like a jump ring. You won’t need to use Nippers or ruin your scissors.

    11.17.18 Reply
  20. Stephanie S.:

    Very nice. Will have to figure out when I can make mind. In hospital, but when out can order on line or might even have in stash. Thanks for sharing.

    4.4.20 Reply