Sunday Crafts: Faux Fur and Satin Neckwarmer (Part One)

If you read this blog regularly, then you already know about my faux fur obsession.  I wrote about faux fur neck-warmers here and here.  Also, J.Crew had the best faux fur tippet collar, which is now sold out but can be found here.  Love. Want. Need.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been meaning to pick up the materials to make my own, but never managed to sneak out of work in time to get to the fabric store before it closed.  Yesterday I seized the moment and headed to Mood, where I finally bought everything I need.

Here I am, modeling the finished results.

What you’ll need:  faux fur fabric (I bought 1/2 yard and made three things,) satin material for lining, extra-sharp scissors, Fabri-tak glue, fray-check, and some thick (I like them to be about 6-8 inches wide) satin ribbons.

Start by measuring out a piece of fur that is about 39″ long and 8″ wide.  (You’ll want it to be able to loosely wrap around your neck 1-2 times…)
Cut it out (carefully, using your sharpest pair of scissors.)
Round out the corners (again, carefully!)
Flip it over and glue a piece of ribbon (about 3/4 yard) to the back.
Create a lining by cutting out a piece of fabric in the same shape, but slightly smaller.  You don’t need to be a perfectionist for this part because you’re going to fold over the edges of the fur later.
Let the lining set.  While you are waiting, apply a (very thin) line of Fray Check to the ends of your ribbon.
Now, the fun part.  Apply a very thick line of Fabri-Tak to each edge.
Then, carefully fold the fur over.
I put books on top of mine to help the bonding process.
I repeated the steps again (this time with a fun ikat lining and a champagne-colored bow,) and let both dry overnight.
The final result!
Double faux fur delights.  (I’m going to give the other one to a lucky friend… haven’t decided which one.)
There it is again.  Love.  (And so easy!)

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