Sunday Crafts: DIY Your Own Tassel Earrings!

Tassels are everywhere.  Several of my favorite blogs, Queen of LA, Martafacts, and Moosettehave done their own features on tasseled jewelry.  Racked also did a story on them.  (They called tassels & rose gold the two big trends in jewelry right now, so if you feel like killing two birds with one stone, just pick up some copper-plated tassels when you do this DIY.)

So, as you can see… no matter where you look, tasseled are everywhere… definitely one of the hottest trends for this winter & spring.  So you can make up your mind – splurge on a pair, or spend 10 minutes and $8.00 to follow my DIY and make your own!

What you’ll need:  Pliers, Aleen’s Jewel Glue, rhinestones, earring wires, metal tassels (I got mine at New York Beads, but just found this fab site that sells a huge array of tassels in copper, gold, & silver at amaze prices.)

I started by adding a tiny bit of glue to the top part of the tassel.  Don’t be afraid of using too much… it will dry clear.  I used a chopstick to have a little more control over the glue.
Then, carefully (using the tweezers,) apply the rhinestones to the area that you’ve added the glue to.  I found that it was best to do 3-4 stones at a time, let them set for 15-20 minutes, and then repeat the process.  That way, the stones have a chance to set, so that you won’t knock one out of the way when you apply the next series of stones.
Repeat on the other tassel, and let them sit and dry for 15-20 minutes.
After they’ve had time to dry a bit, repeat the process, adding 3-4 more stones to each tassel and allowing to dry.
As you can see, in between waiting for mine to dry, I got a little bit carried away.  I did silver tassels with clear rhinestones, rose gold-tone tassels with gray stones, gold with blue, and gold with light green.
Once your tassels are completely covered in stones (and dry,) use your pliers to attach the ear wire to the top of the tassel.
And there you have it – with barely any work at all, you’ve made your own tassel earrings.
Easy peasy.  My only problem is that I originally made the extra pairs to give to friends & family as gifts.  But now I like them all so much that I’m not so sure I can part with the other versions!  Time to order more tassels and rhinestones, I guess!

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  1. Carol Weyler:

    Gorgeous….tassels are my fav…you’re so gifted, girl.

    7.16.19 Reply