Sunday Crafts: DIY Silk Chiffon Whisper “Feather Earrings”

Well my friends, today was the first day of Spring!  Can you believe it?  I’ve been taking my open-toed shoes, trenches, and summer skirts out of my closet… staring at them wistfully, and putting them back.  But now that it’s officially Spring, I’m going to start wearing them (even though NYC is still a little chilly.)
In honor of today, I’ve put together a fun and easy DIY that will (as if you aren’t already) get you even more ready for the beautiful weather that will be here oh-so-soon!
What you’ll need:  Scissors, pliers, chiffon fabric (I cut up an old top,) crimp cord ends (I like these ones,) ear wires, and glue.
Start by cutting out small shapes from the silk.  Cut out 8-10 small pieces, each between 3/4 – 1.5 inches.  Cut haphazardly… think of cutting feathers.
 When you are done, pile your pieces of silk together like so.
 Apply a tiny amount of glue to hold the pieces of silk together.
 Take the cord end crimp, and attach it to the top of each silk pile.
 Clamp it together tightly using your pliers.
Almost done – this is how they should look:
 Finish the project by attaching an ear wire to each earring.
 Voila!  The final product.
I’m going to get creative and make a bunch of different versions… (I plan on using every last bit of my old silk top…)

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