Sundance – Night 4

Yesterday was really the climax of the festival for me (and the boyfriend and his company.)  We now just have tonight left, and then I head home tomorrow.  It started out on a bright note because I woke up and my back felt 100% better.  Then, halfway through breakfast, the boyfriend found out that he (we) needed to be down the street in 30 minutes to watch Kate Bosworth and some other Sundance stars (Gregg Araki who directed Kaboom, and Terrance Howard.)

I had literally 15 minutes to get ready. Squealing and hyperventilating, I ran upstairs. Here’s what I wore. I know, I know… you’ve seen that striped hoodie a few times now but it’s my favorite. I also wore a nautical-esque rope necklace (one of my own designs.)  The cords are J. Brand and my absolute fav – they feel like super soft leggings.

We sat, drinking delicious iced coffees, and watched the interview with Gregg Araki.  Then we had to run to a producer’s luncheon, which was basically a gathering for every and all producer at Sundance.  This part was especially surreal for me..  The bf goes to LA at least a week every month, and we talk all the time… but seeing him in action and meeting all of the people he’s met along the way was an incredible experience.

After the luncheon, we headed back to the interview.  We missed Terrance Howard, but we did get to see Kate Bosworth.  (She is even more beautiful in person.)  I was so giddy that I was shaking the whole time watching.  I dropped my lip gloss at one point which was a little embarrassing since they need silence to film.

One of the lead producers knew about my Kate-obsession and brought me over to meet her afterward.  No joke, the first thing she said was “I love your necklace.”  (OK – need to reiterate here, this is the home-made nautical rope necklace that I dream of selling one day.)  I nearly passed out.  She also told me that I had glowing skin.  (I think I was just so happy to be there and meet her that I glowed.)  I can’t say enough nice things about her – she was so warm and friendly!

We got a picture together… here it is.  If only I had spent more time on my hair that morning!

After all of this excitement, I needed a nap.  We went back to the house where I worked on my blog and the boys watched football.  (If you missed my tassel earrings DIY, check it out here.)  I also got to read a bit of my book, The Recessionistas.  It’s the perfect shallow read…  great for when you just want a good escape.

Later on, we headed to a dinner for the cast & crew of Little Birds.  I wore Helmut Lang black satin long-sleeve mini dress that I got on Gilt a couple years ago. To make it more casual/Sundance appropriate, I layered on my J. Crew navy cardigan, a fur vest, tights, & snow boots.  I paired it with a chunky beaded/chain necklace that I made.

The dinner, premiere, and after-party were all amazing.  I got to watch the bf walk the red carpet again, and on her way in, Kate Bosworth gave me a hug!  I found Little Birds to be extremely moving and pretty much sobbed the entire last 5 minutes.  The acting was amazing.  I can’t wait to see what happens next for the film – if and when it gets picked up.
The after-party was at Tao – what I found to be super cool about it was that during the year, Tao does not exist in Park City.  But for Sundance, they take over a parking garage, and make it amazing.  You’d never know that it was ever anything but a restaurant!
I don’t usually like to post many pics of myself up here, but I’ll leave you with a pic of the boyfriend’s biz partner, me, and the boyfriend.  It was an amazing day and night, one that I will never forget… I’m so happy and proud of the bf, and so excited and thankful that I was able to be a part of it!

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