Summer Style Muse: Marge Sherwood.

Summer Style Muse: Marge Sherwood

Summer Style Muse: Marge Sherwood

The Talented Mr. Ripley will always be one of my favorite movies (I rewatched it again last week before leaving for Italy!). I could watch it again and again and again (I always find myself wishing it would end differently for Tom, it never does). But whenever I am thinking about my summer wardrobe I always seem to find myself coming back to Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, Marge Sherwood. Her wardrobe was just perfection. Classic and timeless, elegant and also easy. A forever favorite movie, a forever favorite style icon.

Today’s post is inspired by Marge’s style. Some pieces to help us get that effortlessly easy summer style. I know I’m inspired!

A few key takeaways for us to emulate when trying to steal Marge’s style.

  • For lounging at home, classic menswear pajamas with a cozy cardigan on top.
  • We rarely see her in dresses. She was much more into separates, yet her style is unabashedly feminine. I only included one dress in the entire roundup!
  • Fitted tops paired with full skirts, bermuda shorts, or high-waisted tailored shorts.
  • Classic espadrilles + straw bags.
  • Her signature side part ponytail, often tied with a scarf.
  • When it is time to get serious and try to find your missing husband, bring the drama: a great trench and big sunglasses.

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  1. Lindsey:

    This was so fun!! I just watched this movie again recently and had the same thought about how timeless her style is. Thanks for this. So creative, and I’m picking up several pieces! Maybe you could do You’ve Got Mail at some point? Kathleen Kelly is another timeless fashion icon for me.

    5.18.23 Reply
    • Heidi:

      Love this post and this idea.

      5.18.23 Reply
  2. Steff:

    This post makes me so happy! So breezy, colorful, and effortless.
    But I do not get the love for The Talented Mr. Ripley?! Have I just not see it recently enough? I feel like I was traumatized by it?! What am I missing? For those who love it, what do you love about it??

    5.18.23 Reply
    • Emily:

      I 100% agree. This movie gives me the creeps, but maybe that is the point? I love the fashion though!

      5.24.23 Reply
      • grace at the stripe:

        I think that’s the point! But — I like creepy movies… psychological thrillers and even horror films are my favorite. Definitely not for everyone though, I have a hard time finding friends to watch those with me 🙂

        5.24.23 Reply
  3. E:

    YESSSS. What an excellent idea for a post – love this!

    5.18.23 Reply
  4. Skye:

    Love this post, it was so fun. Would love to see more movies! One of my favorite movie wardrobes is Jennifer Aniston’s in The Break-up. Elegant and timeless.

    5.18.23 Reply