Summer Beauty Routine

Summer Beauty Routine

I get a lot of questions about my beauty routine (which is really nice, thank you!) so I thought I would do a little post about it. My routine is what I like to call high-maintenance to be low-maintenance. So, basically I’m religious about some things (taking good care of my skin, eyelash extensions, self tanning) so that I can be lazy with everything else. Now that I’m into my thirties I am trying to be better with skincare… and I’ve noticed that it really makes a difference!


My favorite cleanser all around is Tata Harper’s Refreshing Cleanser. It’s expensive but the bottle lasts forever. I use this morning + night and love it more than any other cleanser. It’s extra gentle but gets your face good + clean, dissolving all makeup, etc. And it is 100% natural. I’ve become religious about using SK-II Treatment Essence in between cleansing + moisturizing and have really noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin — especially in its texture + evenness. My favorite face moisturizer is still Sisleyouth. I wrote a longer post about it here, but it is a very effective product – perfect for those of us who um… maybe like to work hard and play hard too? If I’m going to be outside I put on Supergoop after moisturizing. At night my routine is the same (minus sunscreen) except I also add a few drops of Kiehls Midnight Recovery. Once a week I’ll do a mask (this one from Tata Harper is my go to, but I also really love these sheet masks (though they are so expensive that I only use them every so often. Twice a week I will self tan (this is my favorite.)


Right now I’m really into Apothia Bronzed Shower Gel (I’ve written about it before here, but oh my gosh it is just the best… smells like a day at the beach + mmm… orange blossom) and a good scrub 2-3x a week. You know how much I love Frank (addicted//the best!) but I also love this one from Sisley and if I shower at night, this all natural lavender scrub. I self tan (with this if I have time or this if I’m in a hurry) my legs probably twice a week and get the whole body once a week. To hydrate, I really love body oil in the summer. I use one that I got at the Coqui Coqui (sorry – can’t find it online!); or this one that my friend Elizabeth helped to create.


I’m really gross about my hair. I rarely bother with blowouts in the summer (the humidity kills it) but I usually wash my hair once or twice a week and let it flatten out and be dirty the rest of the time. I shampoo with Klorane Shampoo with Chamomile, which I love because it is extra gentle + formulated specially for blonde hair. For conditioner, I use Rene Furterer Okara (also designed for blonde hair) which is an absolute godsend. It’s extremely lightweight but also really hydrating and also made for blonde hair, so it prevents brassiness, etc. After I shower I leave it up in a towel for a while and then apply a quarter-sized dollop of Oribe Supershine Cream (the best for adding shine + taming frizz) and a little bit of Arrojo’s Styling Whip. In between washings I tame frizz with Arrojo’s shine spray. If I use dry shampoo I use this one (also from Klorane!), and this mist is my favorite when I just want to make my hair smell extra nice. Heaven. It literally does nothing besides remove any odors + add Oribe’s (amazing) signature fragrance.


If I have my lashes done and have self tanned, I don’t do much. Best part of summer. I fill in brows with this little palette from Benefit, use this bronzer, and apply a bright lip. Right now my lipstick MVPs are Sisley Lip Twists (in Cherry or Pinky), NARS Satin Pencils (in Red Square or Dragon Girl), and my good old summer standby NARS Heat Wave. If I haven’t self tanned or am running low on sleep, I’m a big fan of BareMinerals BareSkin as it makes my skin look good but not all makeup-y. It’s super lightweight too which is important to me. If you try it, you need the brush, too – it is amazing and helps you get the application just right.


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  1. love love love this roundup…a few of these are going straight on the wish list.

    7.7.14 Reply
  2. “be dirty the rest of the time” haha but your hair always looks great! Thanks for the tip on the hair mist! I used to use the Tresemme one but then it got discontinued. Hair mist is a must for dirty hair 🙂 And I bought the Frank scrub after you recommended it but still haven’t tried it yet!

    7.7.14 Reply
  3. I wish I could pull off washing my hair less. Yours looks great! Great post!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    7.7.14 Reply
  4. I can never get enough Oribe products! Their dry texturizing spray is in my arsenal

    26 and Not Counting

    7.7.14 Reply
  5. Evelyn:

    Hey Grace! how timely – there was a recent instagram photo and I thought, holy cow her hair looks awesome 🙂 Can I get Arrojo in NYC?

    7.7.14 Reply
  6. Thank you so much for sharing all you beauty favorites with us! So many of these items just were added to my list. I have been looking for a great new face mask for a while now, so it is great to hear that you love the Tata Harper mask (I love that it is all natural and chemical free as well!)
    In the summer I always find that I am finding new exfoliating products, I have just gotten into Dry Brushing which I have loved and then also just picked up a great sugar body scrub from Organic Bath Scrubs – I would highly suggest it, a new favorite!
    xo Nan ~ Simply Elegant Blog

    7.7.14 Reply
  7. These are so great! Thanks for sharing!


    7.7.14 Reply
  8. If ANY of these products will give me skin like yours, I’m in! I have really been dying to try those SKII masks so I might finally bite the bullet and splurge. Ughhh, I’m going to have to start giving up my margarita routine.

    7.7.14 Reply
  9. I ADORE Kiehl’s beauty products! And I’ve been looking all over for a beachy body wash & those sheet masks…Thank you lots!!

    7.7.14 Reply
  10. I bought Frank based on you’re recommendation, so pretty much bookmarking/buying everything here 🙂

    Blonde in this City

    7.9.14 Reply
  11. Love that lippie! Just fot a similar shade from Shu U. Myself- will review it soon! 🙂

    9.27.14 Reply