Stripes & Sequins x BaubleBar

Stripes & Sequins x BaubleBar 2

I am so excited +  honored to tell you that today my collection for BaubleBar launched. This is probably one of my proudest moments in my life, as a blogger, and at my career with BaubleBar; as I am truly obsessed with each and every piece that we created. From the rope pieces {this, this, and this} that were inspired by pieces I’ve made and given to friends, to the Antique Boucher Links {named for my grandmother as we reproduced the exact chain from one of her favorite chain necklaces from the sixties}, to the Crystal Pheasant Bib {named after my parents’ restaurant + the perfect statement necklace in my opinion} I love and now wear it all constantly. And the rings! Don’t even get me started. The Crystal Mason Ring and the Crystal Christine Ring {both family names…} I think the rings are my favorite part of the collection.

Head over to BaubleBar’s blog for a little post I wrote about the inspiration behind my collection and my BaubleBar story.

*shameless plea: please go and buy all of the things, so that I can do another one!*

Striped Outfit: Stylemint Dress {old} // Gold Birkenstocks //  Gucci Soho Disco Bag {also here, and here in a nice neutral}

Black & White Outfit: Sea Dress {on sale!} // Helmut Lang Blazer // Saint Laurent “Tribute” Sandals {also here + here} // Saint Laurent Betty Bag {also love the tiny “toy” version here}

White Outfit: Joie Top // Club Monaco Skirt // Gold Birkenstocks // Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Stripes & Sequins x BaubleBar

Stripes & Sequins x BaubleBar

Stripes & Sequins x BB 1

photos via BaubleBar

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  1. ghazalehk:

    Congrats Grace! You’re an inspiration to your fellow ex-Proctoids like me 🙂 Love the collection!

    6.23.14 Reply
  2. Belen:

    I love the stripes dress and your night outfit is awesome.
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

    6.23.14 Reply
  3. Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache:

    Congrats! This is so exciting for you

    6.23.14 Reply
  4. The Avg Girl Guide (@AvgGirlsGuide):

    you’re off the charts amazing! congrats, grace. the line is beautiful! obsessed with the rings big time. xoxooxxo

    6.23.14 Reply
  5. Sydne:

    Congrats! The pics turned out amazing and I’m obsessed with the collection! xoxo

    6.23.14 Reply
  6. comfortablyychic:

    Congrats Grace! This is so amazing! Will be sharing this collection with my readers later this week 😉 I will definitely be buying an item or two as well! I especially love the rings and the “Mayflower Rope” necklace!

    xo, Jen

    6.23.14 Reply
  7. Drew:

    Very cute! CONGRATS lady!

    6.23.14 Reply
  8. Jess Zimlich:

    I just got the email in my inbox and there you were! Such a big moment, congrats!

    26 and Not Counting

    6.23.14 Reply
  9. Emily | The Fielding Report:

    Congrats! Such a huge accomplishment and seriously, you weren’t kidding about those rings- stunners, total stunners. Way to go 🙂

    6.23.14 Reply
  10. Christina Storm:

    Great looks! Love the striped dress!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

    6.23.14 Reply
  11. Alyssa:

    congrats! the collection looks amazing! (no surprise!!) 🙂

    6.23.14 Reply
  12. Rachelle:

    You’re collection i so YOU, love it.

    6.23.14 Reply
  13. viv:

    Girl, I’m so proud of you! This collection is so beautiful! And perfect! Congrats, congrats!

    6.23.14 Reply
  14. mdono615:

    Well done love! So proud of you and the collection is beautiful!!

    6.23.14 Reply
  15. Molly:

    So excited for you and loving everything in the collection!!! Congrats!!

    6.23.14 Reply
  16. Missy On Madison:

    Congrats Grace! What an awesome accomplishment!

    6.23.14 Reply
  17. Jordan {Queen of LA}:

    CONGRATS grace!!!! this is amazing. ive been wondering when you and BB would team up 🙂 sparkle lovers gotta stick together. everything is gorgeous!

    6.23.14 Reply
  18. kristi:

    You are my favorite blogger by far. You bring realness and honesty where some other bloggers have just resorted to sponsored posts. I actually believe in what you say as opposed to others who just do it now for the cash. Just wanted to say congrats and don’t stop being you. As a woman of NYC, you have to work smarter and harder than everyone else just to be average, but I make sure to check in with you every day and sometimes it’s nice just to know somebody feels that way. Paying it forward. … You rock.

    6.23.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Aw, thank you for the sweet comment Kristi! I’m so happy that you enjoy reading my site. I try so hard to always keep things real + honest around here so you just made my day with your comment! Have a great day! xx

      6.23.14 Reply
  19. Kelsie:

    Congratulations Grace! What a huge milestone to have accomplished so young!! You are an inspiration!

    6.23.14 Reply
  20. Grit & Glamour™ (@gritandglamour):

    Congrats, Grace! This is amazing! Going to check out the collection now!

    6.23.14 Reply
  21. Polly:

    Congratulations! I absolutely LOVE the DENNIS ROPE BIB and Crsytal Mason Ring! So so gorgeous and unique but wearable pieces. Well done Grace!

    6.23.14 Reply
  22. Ellen:

    Congratulations, Grace! Your collection is gorgeous! I made my first purchases from Bauble Bar not too long ago, and I know they won’t be my last!

    6.23.14 Reply
  23. Annie Reeves:

    I genuinely love every single piece – these are wonderful! Congrats, Grace!!

    6.23.14 Reply
  24. The-astro:

    congrats !!! i’m so happy for you ! you deserve all these beautiful things !!

    6.23.14 Reply
  25. Lucy:

    Congrats!! Love the collection and just shows what blogging can lead too. Look forward to seeing more.

    6.23.14 Reply
  26. Corazón:

    Congratulations! You look fabulous 🙂

    6.24.14 Reply
  27. Rachel:

    So awesome- congrats!

    6.24.14 Reply
  28. Karrie Harper:

    I bought the Crystal Madon ring yesterday and can’t wait to get it. I bet I’ll go back for the other ring too! Congrats!

    6.24.14 Reply
  29. Alexis Grace of NorthOnHarper:

    CONGRATULATIONS, GRACE! What a momentous occasion— the collection is beautiful and you have every reason to be proud!

    6.25.14 Reply
  30. HOUSE of HARPER:

    congrats, grace! this is amazing! i am obsessed with my ring!

    6.25.14 Reply
  31. Gaby:

    Congrats Grace!!! All the pieces are amazing! 🙂

    6.25.14 Reply
  32. Sara Miller- Style For The Seasons:

    Congrats girl! You are such an inspiration!

    Style for the Seasons

    6.26.14 Reply
  33. Sylvia Dennis:

    Congrats 🙂 So happy for you! Love all of them can’t decide ….

    xo 🙂 Sylvia

    6.27.14 Reply
  34. popcornandpandas:

    Wow, I would LOVE to do a collaboration with Bauble Bar! So amazing! I love your pieces 🙂



    7.3.14 Reply