Staying Healthy & Happy This Holiday Season.

Staying Healthy & Happy This Holiday Season

Created in partnership with FP Movement + ShopStyle Collective

Today, in partnership with FP Movement, I’m excited to share a few tips for staying healthy and happy this holiday season. The holidays are the best but they can also be a little stressful. Most of us are in overdrive with work, but on top of that there is way more social stuff going on, plus all of the pressure to find the perfect gifts, decorate, and look good doing it! Add to that staying healthy. It can all add up!

FP Movement is Free People’s activewear brand and has the cutest stuff – whether you are running around buying gifts, heading to the gym, wrapping presents or decorating at home, or just getting out for a walk, they have great pieces that are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. I have always loved their pullovers and sweatshirts but now I’m hooked on the rest: leggings, outerwear, sports bras, workout tops (they have such good tees + tanks), ETC!

Let’s dive in: here are my best tips for staying healthy and HAPPY!

Staying Healthy & Happy This Holiday Season

Start by taking a deep breath.

Everything is going to get done. You’ve got this. Deep breaths. Whenever I feel stressed out or aggravated, I close my eyes, take a few deep breaths, and make a list of the most critical stuff. And then I remember everything will get done, it will all be okay!


One thing I learned during lockdown was how much my body needs movement and sunlight. These are such simple, tiny things but they are important. I try to get out for a little walk (even if it ends up turning into errands) every day. Even twenty minutes of sunlight and brisk walking make a BIG difference in my day!

outfit details: Sweatshirt // Tank // Sports Bra // Leggings

Staying Healthy & Happy This Holiday Season

I love this FP Movement’s Love Tank. It’s the perfect cut. Slouchy with oversized arm holes (so wear a cute sports bra!). Also: it comes in NINETEEN COLORS! I’m in the medium.


Every morning I spend ten minutes writing in my gratitude journal. I’ll make a coffee and sit for ten minutes. Just writing and thinking about the things that make me happy sets the whole tone for the day.

Stay on track with workouts, even when you’re busy.

This is my busy season but I am making it a real priority to work out 3-4x a week. It keeps me sane and happy, and gives me a break in the day that is just for me. MAINTAIN is my keyword. I am not trying to lose weight or become a faster runner this month… I just want to get my workouts in and maintain.

Pace Yourself, it will all get done. But start early!

I have been trying to tackle one or two people on my holiday list a day. I got a big chunk done during Cyber Week but am still going. One thing that has helped me a lot is to spend 15-20 minutes every night wrapping a gift. In the past I have let them pile up and this results in a) sloppy wrapping and b) me being stressed. When I am not rushed, I actually really enjoy wrapping gifts. Taking the time to wrap a gift or two every evening is relaxing and fun and I won’t be mad at myself when Christmas Eve rolls around.

Staying Healthy & Happy This Holiday Season

This sweatshirt is SO cute and cozy – I love that it’s nice and long. Runs a little oversized, I am wearing a small! I also have and love this pullover – it’s nice and oversized and has these fun zippers on the sides.

Having a snack/early dinner before parties

This has saved me! My tolerance for alcohol is not what it once was and I can be a bit of a lightweight. I’ve been making a light dinner or snack (something with carbs) before a holiday party or dinner and it’s the best. I’m not hangry and grabbing for appetizers like a maniac, I am not lightheaded from having champagne on an emptyish stomach… it really helps!

Saying No + Just “Doing You.”

This is the biggest thing for me. It has taken me to age 40 to be better at saying no but I am getting here. Between living close to my family and a long distance relationship, I don’t have a lot of free time for social activities the way that I used to. Saying no keeps me grounded and is my number one form of self-care. If I would rather be home wrapping presents, reading, or hanging with the cat, the answer is a resounding NO.

Free People Movement outfit

These leggings are so cute. They are so soft, high waisted but don’t roll down during yoga or core work, and they have the prettiest seams. I’m wearing the Fig Jam color but there are six other colors! I find them true to size, I took a medium.

Staying Healthy & Happy This Holiday Season. Free People Movement activewear


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  1. mary:

    Of all the things with which you’ve “influenced” me, saying NO to too many plans is my favorite. Thank you for continuing to remind us that our relationship with ourselves is so important, to stay in, take walks and rest up for the next social interaction of our choosing–especially during this time of year. It has helped me so much. Happy Holidays!

    12.13.21 Reply
    • Oh that makes me happy!!!! Happy holidays 🙂

      12.13.21 Reply
    • Cy:

      so true! Life is short! Make choices you enjoy 🙂

      12.14.21 Reply
  2. Cy:

    These are all great tips Grace. You are so right about the walking/air/sunshine. A ( mostly) daily walk makes all the difference in my mood! I also love the tips on wrapping as you go, instead of letting it pile up. I enjoy wrapping and can get quite artistic, but not if I have to rush. I really like this activewear, is there a discount code? ( try to save where I can) Thanks!

    12.14.21 Reply