S&S x Matt Bernson


I kind of can’t even believe I am writing this post right now.  Let me tell you a little story first… and then we can get to the exciting news.  So anyway.  I wear heels a lot over here but most of the time in real life, I live in ballet flats.  When I first started blogging (nearly four years ago!) I heard about Matt Bernson’s ballet flats.  Fans of the brand hailed it as the sexy flat that is still comfortable.  So I picked up my first pair of Waverly Ballet flats, and instantly became devoted.  In the past four years I have got countless friends hooked on the brand.

And then one day the brand (it was actually Matt) tweeted back at me.  At the time, my blog was just a little over a year old.  I had a pretty small audience and had barely worked with brands.  We began emailing (mostly me gushing) and talked about making a ballet flat together but it fell through.  I had just started working at BaubleBar and was really busy – and kind of didn’t think it would happen.

Flash forward a couple years later where I was still thinking about that conversation, probably at least once a week.  So last Spring, I emailed Matt…  saying something to the effect of, “Let’s actually do this!”  And so we did.  Sketches were drawn up, I spent hours with their team pouring over glitter samples, and together we designed 7 pairs of sparkly, beautiful ballet flats.  #pinchme.

Rather excitingly, Anthropologie, Shopbop, and Proper Pop-Up (as well as Matt Bernson’s site + shop of course) will all be carrying the line come February.  But Anthropologie wanted their flats early for the holidays, so MB rushed their order… which means YOU GUYS… four of the styles will be available at Anthro TODAY!  (Online Only)


{The Mulberry ($165) in gray leather with silver polka dots.  Something really cool about this style is that rather than just putting glitter polka dots on the leather, we cut perforations into the leather and put a layer of glitter leather behind them.  These are my favorites.}


The Izabel Mini Wedges ($169) come in either silver/gold (top pic) or blue/silver.  I love the tiny little wedge inside.  It makes your legs look nice but  you are still wearing comfy flats.


{The Mulberry Polka Dot in sand with mint glitter ($165)  This is my personal favorite from the whole collection.  Shopbop will be carrying the pink version in February.}

photography by Lydia Hudgens


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  1. kim says 12.6.13

    Will the shoes be available online, or only in the store?

  2. Rachelle says 12.6.13

    This is amazing Grace congratulation!!!!


  3. Jessica says 12.6.13

    That’s so freaking exciting! Congratulations! (The blue wavy ones are my fav!)

  4. Ashley says 12.6.13

    This is awesome Grace! Congrats on all your hard work. The polka dot ones are so fun!

  5. wooow! I love love them!!! congratulations! my favorite ones are the blue sequined ones.

  6. ceislin says 12.6.13

    Congratulations!! Such a cool collaboration!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  7. emmainprogress says 12.6.13

    Congratulations!!!! Can’t wait to try some on!

  8. Matt Bernson says 12.6.13

    For obvious reasons I am psyched! So it’s on record, Grace was such a pleasure to work with and brought such great energy to the project, you will be able to tell when you see the shoes in person.

  9. caitie says 12.6.13

    congratulations, grace!!! they are absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Chelsea says 12.6.13

    Congratulations Grace! How exciting.

    Chelsea & The City

  11. Alyssa says 12.6.13

    So happy for you (and impressed, they’re beautiful!). Congrats, Grace!

  12. Coolest announcement ever! I LOVE those polka dot ones!

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

  13. YAYYY!!! Just had a moment in our office where a colleague and I were totally smitten over those polka dots. Obsessed. Amazing, Grace!

  14. Congratulations Grace! What a big moment and wonderful collaboration. You’re a designer now! These flats are fabulous-so sparkly and feminine. You both did an amazing job.

  15. Obsessed with the glitter dotted ones! And the sequined ones. Okay I want them all! Such an amazing story, Grace, I am *SO* excited for you, what a dream come true!
    xo ~ Lia | Smart n Snazzy

  16. Kristina says 12.6.13

    This is so cool, congrats!! I can’t wait to see all of them!

    Kristina does the Internets

  17. Dana says 12.6.13

    This is so exciting!! Congrats 🙂

  18. kim says 12.6.13

    You need to do a post on what to wear with all the shoes – I need your excellent styling advice!!

  19. Rose says 12.6.13

    Ahhh I’m so glad this is out there now, I remember hearing about it a while back 🙂 congrats!! I love those polka dot ones, so freaking cute

    Blonde in this City

  20. Sarah says 12.6.13

    So exciting, Grace! The shoes look beautiful! Congrats 🙂

  21. Nnenna says 12.6.13

    Wow, this is so amazing! The flats are beautiful- congratulations to you!

  22. bclaire says 12.6.13

    Awesome!! So exciting!! Going on my holiday wish list!!

  23. Lisa says 12.6.13

    Congratulations on your collaboration Grace!

  24. wockyjabber says 12.6.13

    Those are stunning! Nicely done!

  25. i am SO impressed and proud of you! ever since you announced this collab i have been waiting for it as it combines so many things i love – ballet flats, glitter, polka dots, and your blog! congratulations, this is quite the accomplishment!

  26. Tara says 12.7.13


  27. Freckles says 12.7.13

    Congrats Grace! These look incredible, comfortable, and it’s a collab that won’t break the bank. Can’t wait to order my first pair 🙂

  28. Gotham Polish says 12.7.13

    Congrats, Grace! I LOVE the last design, so awesome!!!

  29. Sylvia Dennis says 12.8.13

    so excited for you Grace you so deserve it 🙂 well done! love them so much wish i could buy all of them!

  30. Amazing job!!! Congrats!! I can’t believe Proper Pop Up is selling the shoes as well! That’s amazing for the Des Moines community. How do you know Kylie?!


  31. Congrats, lady! So thrilled for you. Major life moment! Hope you had ample amounts of wine to celebrate 🙂

  32. Bee says 12.10.13

    Congratulations!! Catching up on some reading and can see I missed your special announcement !! How exciting – and it seems your timing wasn’t late – it was perfect, for you!!

  33. lara ramos says 12.10.13

    congrats, grace! this is so so major and i am obsessed with the GORGEOUS styles

  34. Siri Anstensen says 12.11.13

    I love this shoes! My only problem is that I live in europe… The link does not work, maybe its only for US? Do you know were I can get them? Thank you:)

    • Grace Atwood says 12.11.13

      Thanks Siri! So glad you love them. Aw, they are only at Anthropologie for now… but in February they will be at Shopbop, and Shopbop does ship internationally.

  35. Eden Garcia says 12.16.13

    Sometimes the greatest hindrance to success is out own selves. Success will not come if you will not make the first step. Glad you did. 🙂