S&S Spotlight: Victoria McGinley of vmac+cheese

I really can’t say enough good things about today’s S&S Spotlight.  Meet Victoria McGinley, the voice behind one of my fave reads, vmac+cheese.  Over the past few months, despite living on the other side of the country, she has become a dear friend of mine.  We email almost daily, bouncing around ideas, geeking out over widgets, talking about the ins and outs of the business behind blogging, and sharing our successes (and sometimes failures.)  

Blogging can feel so lonely at times, so having a friend like her to talk to has meant the world.  Anyway, I couldn’t be more excited for her, as she recently took a leap of faith and went out on her own, launching her very own  lifestyle services firm, Vivaleur. (If you’re interested, get more info here.)  After reading her feature, I’m sure you’l agree with me – there’s no way she won’t be successful with her new endeavor.

And now, the good part… her answers!  
(Don’t you just love how she got the idea for her business?  A girl after my own heart.)

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  1. Ha, agree on all of this! Victoria and I are so much alike it’s ridiculous. Shouldn’t really surprise me by now!

    3.12.12 Reply