S&S Spotlight: Meghan Donovan, WIT & Whimsy

Today’s spotlight post is one of the first friends I made from blogging, the lovely Meghan Donovan, of WIT & Whimsy!  She had just moved to New York from San Fran, and we met at an event for Benefit Beauty.  It was one of the first blogger events I’d ever attended, and I’d only been invited because of  a connection I had.  I didn’t know a soul in the room and was so grateful to be seated across from someone so friendly and sweet!  Fast forward a year or so later… I’m still so very grateful for her kindness and warmth at that first event.

And now for the good part – her answers!  I never knew that she spent time in London as a child (so cool,) and I have to say – I think we share the perfect Saturday!

And don’t forget to stop by Small Shop today, to see my guest post – sharing my favorite ways to stay inspired!

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  1. Molliee Martin says 4.12.12

    love her story! we are all obsessed with France;)

  2. Viviana Carmona says 4.12.12

    It’s so nice to hear how you guys met!

  3. AvgGirlsGuide says 4.12.12

    Adorable! What a sweet blogger first encounter, too! SHe sounds like a total sweetheart and yes, love her perfect Saturday! 

  4. Bettina says 4.12.12

    Cute, I like the way you two became friends. Wow, I had no idea she’d been blogging since 2006!

  5. nancy @ adore to adorn says 4.12.12

    I love this and your guest post…so much good reading. =)

  6. Sarah says 4.12.12

    Love Wit & Whimsy! Great spotlight 🙂

  7. Jessie Holeva says 4.13.12

    Love Wit & Whimsy!! Great choice!

  8. Tisha Green says 4.16.12

    This girl seems so down to earth and a great fashion sense! I’ll have to check out her blog. Thanks for the great interview! http://bit.ly/lauren-conrad 

  9. Meghan Donovan says 4.16.12

    so honored to have been featured, grace! Thank you!!

  10. Madalina Tita says 4.17.12

    so nice of you to feature other blogs!congrats!