S&S Spotlight: Lauren Kolodny, of Honestly WTF

I first met Lauren in LA at the beginning of last summer.  I had just started working at BaubleBar, emailed her to see if we could meet, and was beyond nervous for our meeting.  Then we sat down to lunch and it was as if we’d known each other for years.  She made me a pom pom, and a hex nut bracelet.  I died a little.  Now, no trip to LA is complete without meeting up.  Adore her with a capital A.

Read on for her answers.  You’re going to die when you find out what she dreamed of as a little girl.  It’s amazing.  I also love her (no-brainer) tip for unplugging!  Duh.

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  1. Sam E Penner:

    Loving this intro, Grace!  I have heard of their blog but never checked it out.  I will have to immediately! 🙂

    3.15.12 Reply
  2. Natasha Fatah:

    Hey another feature on Honestly WTF! Hooray! One of the best blogs out there, really!


    3.15.12 Reply
  3. A Cleaner Closet:

    Love it!  Honestly WTF is definitely one of my all-time faves.  And how cute that Lauren cleans up on the beach! 

    3.15.12 Reply
  4. Bettina:

    Love Honestly WTF and her answer to what she wanted to as a little girl! 

    3.15.12 Reply
  5. Tamra Sanford:

    Heart Honestly WTF, she totally cracks me up!

    3.15.12 Reply
  6. Erika [small shop]:

    Ok seriously hilarious! They go there. Love how they keep it real.

    3.15.12 Reply
  7. Nuha:

    I loved getting to see this side of Lauren- adore her funny answers 🙂


    3.15.12 Reply
  8. Supal:

    What a great interview! She is so funny “owning a bar in Mexico” <– I'd join her

    3.15.12 Reply
  9. Frankie hearts fashion:

    so fun learning about these 2! xo

    3.16.12 Reply
  10. Taylor:

    Grace – Love this little feature on Lauren and HOLY redesign, your site looks absolutely amazing. Like the web equivalent of a chic modern, all black and white living room with really soft brightly colored pillows scattered about. Does that make sense? In short – it’s perfect!!

    3.18.12 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Oh gosh Taylor, I am so flattered! This comment was exactly what I needed on a slightly hungover day with a massive to-do list! Heart you, girl! xoxo

      3.18.12 Reply