S&S Spotlight: Lara Ramos, The Glossarie

For today’s S&S Spotlight, it being Beauty Week and all, I thought it was only fitting to feature one of my absolute favorite beauty bloggers, Lara Ramos… the voice behind The Glossarie.  I absolutely love Lara’s blog.  It’s a haven for all things beautiful.  What I love most about her blog is how she writes, and how authentic and real her words + reviews feel.  That may sound intuitive, but it’s rare to find.  A lot of beauty blogs these days (sorry) just feel like regurgitated press releases to me.  I want opinions… stories…  and passion!  That’s what you’ll find on The Glossarie.  Her perspective is witty + real, making it a true joy to read.

And the good part… her answers!  (Love what she dreamt of as a little girl – too funny!)


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  1. Natalie says 3.22.12

    This blog looks nice…I think I’ll give it a try 🙂


  2. Bettina says 3.22.12

    I’ll have to check out her beauty blog! 

  3. AvgGirlsGuide says 3.22.12

    haha, love her answer of the blimp driver! can totally relate to organized chaos… i’m sure most of us could! great feature.

  4. Gaby says 3.23.12

    Happy to read more about Lara!

  5. K makeitandfakeit says 3.23.12

    Thanks for sharing Grace, headed right over 🙂 

    love K