S&S Spotlight (and Giveaway!) Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY

Jenni was one of the first blogging friends I ever made.  In typical blogging fashion, we met over twitter.  We met up at Diablo Royale (the East Village location,) where we bonded over a mutual love of crafting, guac, and margaritas.  And now, (unless you’ve been living under a rock you know this!) she has gone and written a book!  It’s seriously good, packed with tons of tips and great projects.  I highly recommend picking up your own copy here.

(In addition to today’s spotlight, you’re in for  a treat.  Jenni gave me a copy of her book; but I’d already pre-ordered my own.  So that means that I have two!  To enter, just leave a comment below, telling me your favorite way to stay inspired.)

And now the fun part – her interview!

Congrats on your book, Jenni!  I couldn’t be more excited for you!!!

Giveaway fine print:  Ends Thursday, 4/26/12 at 12:00am EST.

No purchase necessary; void where prohibited.  While I do not announce the winner on my blog, it will be available by Saturday 4/29/12 by request.  By entering into this sweepstakes, the entrant acknowledges that they are eligible for this sweepstakes according to all laws set forth by their state of residency.  Not valid outside the US.

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  1. Christine @ court and hudson says 4.19.12

    Cheers to no cell phones at dinner! : ) 

  2. Nicole says 4.19.12

    I’d love a copy of this book! Pinterest and blogs like yours are the best ways for me to stay inspired!

  3. Christine @Fancy Function says 4.19.12

    How fun! I stay inspired by keeping abreast of what’s going on around me.  🙂

  4. Jess says 4.19.12

    I stay inspired by taking time to step away from the computer and experience life around me. Talking to friends and family helps, too!

  5. Sarah says 4.19.12

    I stay inspired by a huge stack of magazines, other people’s blogs (like yours and Jenni’s!), Pinterest, street style in Portland, and shopping! Hope I win the book 🙂

  6. Lauren Kirkpatrick says 4.19.12

    Sounds great! Thanks for introducing us to the book!

  7. Hayley Cox says 4.19.12

    My favorite way to stay inspired is just browsing my favorite craft supply stores. Preferably alone, so I’m not rushed, and so I don’t have to explain why I want to go to Home Depot 🙂

  8. Holly Sax says 4.19.12

    I stay inspired by reading all the time. There are always new ideas and images that bring inspiration and shed light on new ideas.

  9. Courtney Elizabeth says 4.19.12

    I get the most inspired by reading great blogs!

  10. Megan Zietz says 4.19.12

    love her! I stay inspired by keeping up with my favorite blogs!

  11. Viviana Carmona says 4.19.12

    Love her and can’t wait to get my own copy of the book! I stay inspired by keeping up with blogs and magazines.

  12. SarahRoads says 4.19.12

    Travel is my favorite way to stay inspired. But when I’m not traveling, i’m always on blogs and pinterest….what did we ever do before this?!

  13. Mai says 4.19.12

    reading design books/blogs is my favorite way to stay inspired!

  14. Britt F. says 4.19.12

    With the amazing technology of apple I like to grab a quick photo of anything I find exciting- patterns, clothes, textures, etc. Then I group them into an album for when I go thrift shopping to try and incorporate these inspirations.

  15. Anna @ IHOD says 4.19.12

    The best way for me to stay inspired is to unplug sometimes. Get away from the computer go for a run, and get my head clear. Of course, pinterest is my second favorite way to get the creativity going;)

    Loved reading her interview. Admire her greatly and can’t believe she came out with a book! How exciting!

  16. Kate {Something Fabulous} says 4.19.12

    What a gorgeous girl! I love all her answers. 

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  17. Hannah says 4.19.12

    WOW! I’m such a fan of her blog! It would mean so much if I could get my hands on a copy of her book! 

  18. Sarah Baryluk says 4.19.12

    Music is my favorite way to stay inspired. There’s always new bands cropping up, each one with their own sound. Also, other DIY-ers keep me inspired! Which is why I would love to have a copy of this book.

    [email protected]

  19. AvgGirlsGuide says 4.19.12

    Love this! Jenni’s so right about being present at meals with no cell phones. We’re trying to remove the phone more and more from the house so my daughter doesn’t think mom and dad are crazy attached to the thing. Congratulations to Jenni on her book, and great spotlight. 

  20. Mbonvino16 says 4.19.12

    I stayed inspired because of all the determined, smart, and encouraging girls and woman who have created a brand out of themselves! It’s inspiration to me,

  21. Courtney W says 4.19.12

    I get inspired by fashion…shopping here there and everywhere. Colorful jewels, different textures of handbags, fabrics, materials, colors!

    [email protected]

  22. Alexa says 4.19.12

    I love this series. And I love that her offices “moves around.” That’s how I am currently. Of course it’s always nice to have a chance of scenery. 🙂

  23. Kdler88 says 4.19.12

    I like to take lots of photos!

  24. Heather Moore says 4.19.12

    would love to infuse my life with more diy! I get inspired by taking pleasure in the little things every day, such as taking a moment to recognize how even a certain creamer in my morning coffee is my favorite thing in the world at that moment
    [email protected]

  25. Martha Susan says 4.19.12

    Continue to read about this book on different sites, would love to check it out!  Like her, Pinterest is my number 1 go to, followed by niche magazines like Garden & Gun.

  26. Ceperk says 4.19.12

    My favorite way to stay inspired is to read all of my favorite blogs (especially stripes&sequins!) 🙂
    [email protected]

  27. Jordan - Queen of LA says 4.19.12

    she is so cute! i would looove to get my hands on that book. magazines are definitely my number one source of inspiration and always have been – but blogs, pinterest, instagram, and twitter arent bad either! 

  28. Piia says 4.20.12

    Being around people who do what they love and live in the present moment!

  29. Abjimenez12 says 4.20.12

    There are two things that keeps me inspired all the time.
    1. Family and love ones. They are the one who keeps me motivated and loved.
    They are the one who always there to support me an comfort me when I’m feeling down.
    They make my life easy to live with for they make me happy all the time. I’m so greatful
    for having them.

    2. Blogs. I’m not really into it before, but after reading a couple of blogs (the fashion one), I fell in love.
    I even made my own (abjmnz.tumblr.com), where I share every happy things
    happened to me. Your blog, Stripes & Sequins is one of my favorite. Because of DIY
    projects you share, I realized that, being fashionable is not all about spending money.
    Hopefully through your help, I myself can be a fashion blogger too someday. Thank you for
    sharing your talents and ideas. And, Thank you for making me inspired, not only through fashion
    but in life as well. 

  30. Alyharte says 4.20.12

    Great post. I feel very honoured to have met Jenni now too with the big book launch. It definitely will be a hit. Recently, since I have two children and library, sketching and my own photography is not so much at the forefront of my creativity I have started to find so much inspiration on Instagram. I tweeted just at the weekend for artists like myself to view their ‘photos I like’ on Instagram as an extended visual sketchbook. Such a vast collection of projects, fashion and everyday beauty through images can be found on Instagram.

  31. Bettina says 4.20.12

    My favorite ways to stay inspired is to peruse blogs, read magazines, pinterest, go window shopping and listening to music with my eyes closed! 

  32. K makeitandfakeit says 4.20.12

    I am so excited for her book!!! Great to get some load down from this DIY star 🙂 

    love K

  33. Brightening_soul says 4.20.12

    I can’t wait to buy the book. 
    I get inspiration from pinterest, following blogs, and runway shows.

  34. Jessica says 4.20.12

    Jenni seems like such a sweet heart, and is an amazing talent to boot! What a great lady
    I would love to own Jenni’s book, and the way I stay inspired is by looking for the small details in my every day surroundings. Just this morning while walking my pug, I saw the most beautiful flower that looked like nature’s version of dip dye! haha

  35. Isabel says 4.20.12

    I definitely get inspired by the incredible world of the online community. I love fashion, beauty and DIY blogs. Everything i read inspires me to be more creative and to also try. It doesn’t hurt to get out of your comfort zone and try something new and different. Everyday is a new experience, and I can’t wait to read about  how the blogging community tackles the mundane and makes it extraordinary. 
    ([email protected])

  36. Gabby Hayes says 4.20.12

    I have a sketchbook where I paste and doodle DIY ideas to keep me inspired, and I carry it with me everywhere… especially when I go thrifting!


    [email protected]

  37. Lisa says 4.22.12

    I love looking for inspiration online. Lately I’ve been collecting all of my inspirations on Pinterest. I am in love with it!

  38. Hannah says 4.22.12

    I’m super excited for her! Since her blog is amazing, I’m sure the book will be too! Please enter me: )

    http://wtfwhatthefashion.blogspot.com/[email protected]

  39. Jessica says 4.23.12

    I love Jenni’s blog and am dying to read her book! My favorite ways to stay inspired are magazines, fashionable coffee table books, and pinterest (obviously!). 

  40. Punk Glam Queen says 4.26.12

    Oo the book looks fantastic and I hope it sells TONS! I’d love a copy, missed the ‘do at Coach the other night (parenting takes precedence, and mum doesn’t always get to play). XXX Suzanne

  41. Ruby Woo says 4.26.12

    I love these features!  You do such a good job!  Plus, she has the most gorgeous lipstick in that picture!