Spring Trench Coat… Crisis Averted!

I’ve found myself in the midst of a Spring Fashion Crisis.  First, I left my Spring Trench at the boyfriend’s family’s house in CA.  We thought we’d make it back there before Spring but got too busy.  Then, I blew all my shopping money on shoes, earrings, and striped items due to my recent Stripes Obsession.  (I know, I know… poor me.)
So I’ve spent Spring, thus far, walking around wearing one of two hideous coats.  Last year’s J.Crew Ruffle Trench (which wouldn’t be so bad, except the red is a bit too orange-y for my complexion… and a navy one, which I used to like, but hate now due to the light blue detailing.  Trust me, its ugly. 
Not having a Spring coat, and not having the money to buy a new one has been a bit disturbing… leaving the house, I’ve just felt so… well… poorly put together!  (I know this sounds shallow… but if you don’t look your best, really, how can you feel your best?)
Then I saw this coat on Ally Hilfiger and WhoWhatWear‘s March Styling Tips.  My first thought… J.C. Penney?  Really?  (I know – I’m a snob… so shoot me!)  But it was featured on WhoWhatWear (which I trust,) and it’s from Charlotte Ronson’s cute line (and under $60) so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.
When it arrived in the mail today, I was pleasantly surprised.  Of course I styled it differently (no ugly black belt…) worn with white jeans and a navy top… but I think this coat has saved the day!  (for now, at least..)
Three things worth noting: 
1)  It runs very small.  I bought a size Large and usually wear a size Small at J.Crew.  The Large is a tiny bit big, but I prefer coats to be looser.
2)  It’s made from a knit material.  Which makes it super soft… but this isn’t your trench if you’re looking for a raincoat.
3)  The sleeves can snap off, to wear as a dress or topper.  Fun!

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