Spring Shopping: Splurging on Tortoise, Saving on Mint Green

One of the hardest things for me personally, is deciding which trends to invest in, and which ones to save on.  For that reason, I started a shopping list in Microsoft Word.  (I know, I’m a nerd.)   As I read my magazines, blogs, etc., I keep a running list of the pieces I’m coveting most.  I’m not allowed to buy anything that’s not on the list… and it forces me to make some tough decisions.  At the top of the list right now are pieces in both tortoise shell and mint green.  Tortoise is classic + elegant… you can wear it forever… whereas mint green is fun for now, but will probably pass.  For that reason, I decided my next splurge will be something tortoise… and I’ll let myself buy one or two inexpensive mint green pieces or fun accessories.

In case you were wondering which ones I actually bought… I went with the Free People Blouse and the Karen Walker Sunnies…  both are absolute heaven.  

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