Spring Shopping: Splurging on a Trench, Saving on Colored Denim

Two tax refunds ago, I splurged on a classic Burberry Trench.  It was quite possibly one of the best purchases ever.  Every Spring, rather than fret about buying a new trench, I look forward to taking it out of storage and finally getting to wear it again.  Sure, it was expensive, but the cost per wear will work out to next-to-nothing after a few years.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, colored denim is now everywhere.  I remember when you could only get cobalt skinnies from J.Brand.  Now, there are so many affordable options – Old Navy, Gap, Blank Denim… there is no need to spend more than $100 to get a pair.

I’m not saying you must buy a Burberry.  I’m just saying it’s an amazing investment.  The J.Crew version will also do quite nicely.  Just buy the best possible trench you can, and pair it with some inexpensive colored (or patterned, which we’ll tackle on another day!) denim.

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