Spring Shopping List

I’m trying my best to be frugal and make better purchasing decisions… things that will stick around for a while… you know the deal.  But Spring is where I tend to get tempted and go overboard.  The weather is warmer, and the fashion is just so much better.  Colored denim, printed dresses, punchy neons… need I go on?  Anyway – here are a few things that are on my wish list…  what’s on yours?

Top:  Floral Skirt // Slouchy Tee // Mint Jeans

Middle:  Patent Sandals // Turquoise Dress // Silk Scarf

Bottom:  Striped Tee // Striped Flats // Nail Polish

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  1. Lynzy says 5.15.12

    I have been searching for the perfect slouchy tee! The one that you wear and it feels like you’ve worn it a hundred times- there is nothing better!
    xx Lynzy

  2. Johanna says 5.15.12

    Love your picks, Grace – specifically the breton shirt and striped flats!

  3. Viviana Carmona says 5.15.12

    That dress is too cute!

  4. I love these picks!!!! there is a Kain shirt on Net-a-porter I’ve been eyeing I know it would be a staple!!! 

  5. Jennifer Rosson says 5.15.12

    I LOVE all your picks especially the floral pencil skirt, I was tempted by a similar one last spring and didn’t  get it. Now I still wish I had! 🙂 

  6. Sarah Pickell says 5.15.12

    Love these picks!! I’ve been looking for mint skinnies for the longest time, and the ankle zipper is just too cute!

  7. IrmaSDean says 5.15.12
  8. Lia says 5.15.12

    Great picks, Grace!  That dress is so stunning, it would be flattering on virtually any body type!  And how cute are those heart elbow patches?  
    Smart n Snazzy

  9. BmoreLoveLeigh says 5.15.12

    That skirt is gorgeous!  I can see it working perfectly in the office.

  10. Berty Morales says 5.15.12

    I love all of your selections and especially that dress and sandals!

  11. Mal @ The Chic Geek says 5.15.12

    Love the striped flats!

  12. vanessa kelterborn says 5.15.12

    SUCH a great shopping list! mint jeans are on my list too. i need a-sap.

    xx, Vanessa

  13. Ashley Lettich says 5.15.12

    LOVE that nail polish! Perfect for summer toes.

  14. loveeeee the striped shirt with elbow patches and that nail polish! ahhhh you are tempting me, not good!

    i think you saw this when i posted it last week – MY spring wishlist! http://queenofla.blogspot.com/2012/05/week-and-half-has-passed-since-no.html

  15. Bettina says 5.15.12

    That dress is just lovely! The color is great and the cut looks like it’d be so flattering!

  16. Erica says 5.15.12

    I am loving those wedges!


  17. Mai says 5.15.12

    aah, love the heart shaped elbow patches!

  18. I love those flats!

  19. mint jeans and kain tee are perfection! xo

  20. yumi says 5.16.12

    I love the heart elbow patches. I have a matching sweater!

  21. The heart elbow patches are a little slice of heaven! I bet that would make a good DIY! I like the stipe ballet flats too!

  22. RealGirlGlam says 5.16.12

    Spring is definitely hard for me to, especially with all the fresh bright colors this year! Love your picks. The NARS polish is so pretty and I love those striped flats!

  23. Kristin & Megan says 5.16.12

    Those stripe flats are so on my lust list now!

  24. Bethany - Powell Brower Home says 5.16.12

    I just drooled on my desk at work over those flats.  Gotta have!

  25. i’ve been obsessing over the stylemint striped flats! i’ve never ordered shoes from them before though, anyone know how they fit?!

  26. SandraKLevinson says 5.16.12
  27. Molliee Martin says 5.16.12

    that slouchy grey tee is right up my alley as a perfect tee as well – LOVE!

  28. Kara says 5.16.12

    Love all of these!! I’m obsessed with the Thakoon for NARS collection. 

  29. Kara says 5.16.12

    Love all of these!! I’m obsessed with the Thakoon for NARS collection. 

  30. Lauren says 5.16.12

    That looks like the perfect grey slouchy tee!  May have to add it to my wishlist as well!

  31. ALyson -- TAGG says 5.17.12

    The hearts elbow patches?! Too cute, and love those striped flats and the mint jeans (ok, truth: I’m a sucker for ANYTHING with a zipper especially on a pant if it fits me at my height). Awesome spring finds. 

  32. Lena's Blend says 6.7.12

    Adorable picks, I’ve been looking for the perfect slouchy tee too, no luck yet. I also like mine long and v-neck.