Spring Shoes.

I don’t know about you but I can’t even look at my Winter clothes right now!  Here in New York,the weather has been in the 60’s.  Part of me is skeptical – certain the chillier temps will be back to bite us any minute… the other part is jumping up and down like a little kid… thinking that Spring has finally arrived.  On the shopping front, I’ve been carefully adding a few new pieces to my wardrobe.. in particular, a few new pairs of shoes!

The first purchase were these bad boys from Sam Edelman.  I went with the bottom pair, as I LOVE the silver straps… also spotted here.  These are a must.  The chunky heel makes them unbelievably comfortable… and the metallic silver is so fabulous and on-trend for Spring.

And these ones are Shoemint!  The lovely people at Shoemint were kind enough to send me over a pair of their Lambert Platforms.  At 5″ high, they are way taller than Id normally go for.  But between the platform and the wedge, I feel like I’m walking in air and can miraculously manage them.  Kind of in love.  (If you order them, use my link + code STRIPES15, and get 15% offf!)

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  1. Natasha Fatah says 3.13.12

    Those are the kind of sandals you’d wear all summer!

  2. Whatimlovinglately says 3.13.12

    I love both shoes but my favorite is that coral sam edelman pair!

  3. Lia says 3.13.12

    I absolutely LOVE those Sam Edelmans!

  4. Lisa Connolly says 3.13.12

    The Sam Edelman’s are gorgeous!  Great color combos

  5. Alyson -- TAGG says 3.13.12

    Totally in love with the Edelmans after seeing them on your feet on Instagram. The wider straps + chunky heel = love!

  6. Sam E Penner says 3.13.12

    I adore Sam Edelman!  I def need to go check out the latest.

  7. Katrina says 3.13.12

    LOVE those Sam Edelman’s! I’ve been thinking about getting the Stylemint ones, but the height was concerning me. Glad to hear they’re walkable!

  8. nancy @ adore to adorn says 3.13.12

    cute! love both of them…=)

  9. Ann Marie says 3.13.12

    I ordered the Sam Edelman’s this morning! I went with the bronze strap though 🙂 Can’t wait to try them on!

  10. Hannah Y says 3.13.12

    Those sam edelmans are gorgeous!!! i’ve always wanted to try shoe mint!


  11. My Dressy Ways says 3.13.12

    Those Sam Edelmans are gorgeous! And they look so comfy, like they’d hug your feel! I’m ready for spring, been griping about winter weather AND especially wardrobe for weeks. I’m sure people are tired of my whining. 🙂

  12. Bettina says 3.13.12

    Love the Sam Edelman’s! If Nordstrom’s has them during their triple points period this weekend, I’m for sure scooping these babies up!

  13. Jordan Silverman says 3.13.12

    i really love those sam edelmans in silver – i have since you posted them! have you worn them all day yet? i always need comfy heels!!! 

  14. Jordan Silverman says 3.13.12

    i really love those sam edelmans in silver – i have since you posted
    them! have you worn them all day yet? i always need comfy heels!!!  

    • graceatwood says 3.13.12

      I wore them all day long yesterday, Jordan! I LOVE them. The heel is very sturdy so they are super comfy.

  15. Laura | Style Notes says 3.13.12

    Those heels are fab! Love the chunky heel 🙂

    Laura xo

  16. Jesselyn says 3.13.12

    I have looking at those shoes for a maxi dress I was planning on wearing to a wedding this month for that whole 70s boho vibe. This post might have sold me.

  17. Kristin & Megan says 3.13.12

    I am Sam Edelman obsessed and totally crushin’ on the metallic pair!

  18. Tereza says 3.13.12

    The wedges are hot, love the dark ones.

  19. victoria | vmac+cheese says 3.13.12

    I have been eyeing those Sam Edelman’s for a while!!!! I absolutely love the silver. Right on trend but not over the top, you know? Like they’ll still be wearable next year.

  20. Anna says 3.13.12

    Love those sandals. I need to start to buy some for my summer vacation. I love platforms and wedges. They make me feel so tall and look great with everything. 

  21. Julie & Lauren says 3.13.12

    Loving the chunky heel of the sam edelmans! 

  22. Gaby says 3.14.12

    Love those chunky wedges from Style Mint!

  23. Erika [small shop] says 3.14.12

    The Sams are so fun in metallic!
    I was so bummed that SM sold out of the citron pumps! I picked those too!

  24. Emily Lunstroth says 3.14.12

    I am seeing those sam edleman shoes everywhere, and they are jus as beautiful in person 

  25. Megan Zietz says 3.14.12

    I want all three sam edelman sandals!