Spring has Sprung at DANNIJO…

If you read this blog regularly, then you know that I would bathe in DANNIJO jewels if it were possible.  Totally obsessed.  Every girl has that “someday” wish list.  Mine is a red quilted Chanel bag, and all the DANNIJO I could possibly pile on to my arms, ears, and neck.

I just adore their stuff.  It’s elegant, yet edgy.  It’s always on trend, but always different.  If someone is wearing DANNIJO, I can immediately tell… and I immediately respect them more for it.  I know that is shallow… their stuff is just that good.  Wearing something DANNIJO just says, “I know jewelry.”  You could have the worst clothes in the world and still look fabulous with a few strategic pieces from their collection.

Naturally, when their Spring 2011 collection came out, I nearly fainted with a bauble-induced case of euphoria.  What’s more… through Thursday 2/3, you can get 20% off it all with promo code DJSPRING.  (So if you’re going to splurge… do it now!)

Take a look for yourself.  Are you with me, or are you with me?! 

Clockwise, from top left:  Zeila necklace, Bramley necklace, Tova necklace, Rex earrings, Stanton bracelet, Sullivan earrings

The Bramley necklace is my #1 pick… what about you??

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