Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning Favorites

Spring Cleaning Favorites

You may or may not know this about me but I am a bit of a neat freak. I actually enjoy (most) chores. My favorites are vacuuming and laundry; least favorite is Tyrion’s litter. Dishes are a close second for least favorite.

People ask me all the time how I keep my home clean with a long haired cat and unfortunately there isn’t really any solution besides good old fashioned hard work (although I do love my Chom Chom roller, amazing for getting cat fur off furniture and bedding). I vacuum every single day (the Dyson is helpful here, since it’s cordless it isn’t a whole production getting it out of the closet). The other cat-related thing (but also for wine/other spills) is my Bissell carpet cleaner. This is a godsend for hairballs (why must cats only throw up on the rug!?).

Below are some of my absolute favorite cleaning products. I hope this is useful!!

Spring Cleaning Favorites

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  1. Grace:

    I have nothing helpful here – I hate chores, haha! BUT our pup went through a stomach ~thing~ and our vet told us that pets get sick on the rug because it’s the closest thing in the house to grass!

    3.16.23 Reply
    • Amy:

      Thank you for solving this mystery! I’ve wondered this for the last 14 years of having two cats.

      3.16.23 Reply
    • Oh that is good to know because I will NEVER UNDERSTAND. Makes more sense!

      3.16.23 Reply
  2. katie:

    the wine away is amazing (and something my parents have had in their cupboard for over 30 yrs!!)! but if you have not discovered the magic of folex…it will get ANY stain out, I swear. It’s a lifesaver

    3.16.23 Reply
  3. M:

    My favorite product is Clorox Clean Up (with bleach) for bathrooms. I’m sure it’s terrible for us, but it basically eliminates the need for elbow grease. Squirt and walk away, come back later and rinse. I dab it sparingly for stains on napkins, towels, sheets and rinse quickly.

    My other favorite thing is light starch when I iron my linen napkins. Makes the process go so much faster and it’s so satisfying.

    3.16.23 Reply
  4. Katie:

    I loveeee clean w me podcast for cleaning. Sounds weird but so motivating. For bathroom tub and tile, spray bottle that’s half vinegar half dawn spray all over, let soak 5-10min then rinse/scrub off, removes all scum. I also make my own surface cleaner from some YouTuber cleaner—
    1.5c water
    .5C rubbing alcohol
    1 tsp dish soap
    10+ drops EO

    Hardwood/tile floors: 1/2 tsp dish soap, 1/2C vinegar, 10 drops EO, 2 cups water— I use the red black spin mop for these.

    also big rag fan, we only use paper towels for cat vomit/poop. I think mine are a 10 pack of Walmart white washcloths.

    also oxi clean in laundry is awesome. and vinegar for athletic wear. I use maybe 1-2 Tbsp of laundry detergent and all my stuff gets clean. the detergent companies don’t want you to know that haha.

    3.16.23 Reply
  5. Katie:

    Resolve foaming spray is the best for dog throw up on the carpet!

    3.17.23 Reply