Spring Bucket List.

Are you there Spring? It’s me, Grace. I’m ready for you.

This has been the longest, coldest winter in a while. Or at least the longest one! I guess the good part of that is that once things start to warm up, it’s kind of just the best feeling ever!!!!

I will spare you any further complaining but man. It’s time for warm weather and getting outside! Onwards and upwards and today, in collaboration with Truly Spiked & Sparkling I am so excited to share my Spring Bucket List!

But first, a little bit about Truly. Truly is truly (haha) one of my favorite alcoholic beverages, especially this time of year. It’s light and refreshing… like traditional sparkling water – with a kick! Health, wellness, + staying active have become a BIG priority for me this year so it’s become important to me to make better for me choices when it comes to my alcoholic beverages. Truly is perfect as each can has just 100 calories, 2 grams of carbs, and 1 gram of sugar. There are eight styles: Lemon & Yuzu, Colima Lime, Grapefruit & Pomelo, Pomegranate, Sicilian Blood Orange, Blueberry & Acai, Raspberry & Limeand my personal FAVORITE – Wild Berry. I’ve always loved berries and the Wild Berry style smells just like biting into a fresh bowl of berries. It’s so good. The alcohol comes from fermented cane sugar + a hint of fruit and there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners! (It’s worth noting that one of the reasons I like it so much is that it’s not too sweet.) You can get it at most liquor stores – I get mine from Foodkick (Foodkick could be another post for another day but it’s my favorite for same day delivery)!

Alright, so not surprisingly, my bucket list revolves around being outside as much as possible. Let’s see how much of this I can cross off before summer (June 21st!)

one // ride my bike out to Coney Island. Once things warm up, riding my bike is my favorite. I’m pretty comfortable riding around the city and within Brooklyn (from Williamsburg to DUMBO or Greenpoint) but I want to do a longer ride. This is a bit intimidating so I plan on roping in a friend or two.

two // host an al fresco cocktail hour on my patio. I have a cute little patio off the side of my apartment which is so perfect for entertaining. I want to make happy hours a thing at my apartment… maybe Friday afternoons! Obviously, Truly will be a part of the offering as I’m not the only one in my friend group making better choices.

three // go to Dream Machine in Williamsburg. How cool does this look!?

four // spend a Saturday afternoon reading in the park. This is my favorite thing to do. Pack a bag with snacks (+ Truly), magazines, and a good book and really unplug. If I’m feeling really wild and crazy I’ll leave my phone at home so that I can be really present and focus on my friends or my book.

five // (really excited about this one) take a yoga retreat! This is all booked for May and I CAN NOT WAIT.

six // make working outside a regular thing. When it was warm outside a couple weeks ago, I sat out on my patio and did some writing. This isn’t realistic for most elements of my job but writing (+ answering emails) is one of the things I can do outdoors. It makes such a difference in my mood.

seven // get to yoga 5x a week. This winter my goal was 3x a week, but I think I can up it to 5 as I go almost every day.

eight // make homemade strawberry ice cream. A good, simple strawberry ice cream is just the best. I got an ice cream maker last year and love it so much. I can’t wait to use it again!!!!

Created in partnership with Truly // photography by Trent Bailey.

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Leave a Comment


  1. I love how specific your spring bucket list is. That’s a sure way to tick them all off the list for sure! 🙂 Strawberry ice cream sounds delicious… though I remember I tried making it once during Food Tech class in school and I failed pretty badly, haha! I hope (and know) you’ll have better luck. 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.9.18 Reply
    • Thanks Charmaine!!!!

      Haha, hopefully I will have better luck. I pulled off peach last year. Fingers crossed! xo

      5.9.18 Reply
  2. Natali:

    Sweet, simple and very realistic goals for the Spring! I also love some reading time, strawberry ice cream and working outside as much as possible. I haven’t ever took a single class of yoga but I will do it this Summer.


    5.9.18 Reply
  3. Making ice cream and being outside more are on my spring bucket list too. Here in Florida we’ve got to soak up the spring as much as possible before the brutal heat hit. Those drinks look perfect for the pool this weekend!

    5.9.18 Reply
    • Aw I forget about you Southerners who really have to get it all in before things heat up!!!!! xx

      5.9.18 Reply
    • Cy:

      Umm sorry, but the New York summers are horribly humid too! That’s why I live on the west coast. I rarely visit my sister (in Brooklyn) in summer for this reason. This a fun list Grace. I always need more yoga and reading and cocktails and picnics! Yay!

      5.9.18 Reply
  4. Brianna Rooney:

    I LOVE Truly, it’s the best! Thank goodness for spiked seltzers, they really change the game!

    5.9.18 Reply
  5. Such a fun bucket list! Being outside is the best after long, cold winters! What kind of ice cream maker did you get? I’m looking into getting one. I love ice cream (I worked at Ben and Jerry’s during high school & college – my most favorite job!). lol I’ve never made homemade ice cream before, but I really want to start! Thanks!

    5.9.18 Reply
  6. what an inspiring list! love!

    5.9.18 Reply
  7. Cy:

    Grace, I wanted to tell you, I finally got my seaweed face scrub from Target. I had to order it online. I love it! There was a sample of their serum and night cream too, so I used all three. It’s minty! My skin looks really good today. Thanks for the rec!

    5.9.18 Reply
  8. I use my ice cream maker to make this strawberry frozen yogurt recipe and it is my favorite! It only has 5 ingredients (2 are optional) and couldn’t be easier. The strawberry flavor is so bright and sweet and is nicely offset by the tang of the greek yogurt.


    5.9.18 Reply
  9. Lauren Haswell:

    I LOVE your book picks. All have been spot on!! Thank you. Can you please share where that awesome bag is from? Perfect summer staple!

    5.9.18 Reply
  10. Cy:

    I have a simple cuisinart ice cream maker. The fruity summer flavors are fun, but I love making “cocktail” flavors. Nigella has a delicious margarita recipe, so good and I created my own White Russian flavor, just for fun. It’s a perfect dessert on warm summer nights. Can’t wait to hear how the strawberry turns out!

    5.10.18 Reply
  11. guest:

    If you ride a bike please wear a helmet.

    5.14.18 Reply