Some Sporty Things.

Some Sporty Things Sporty Workout Things

It has been a while since I’ve done a post about workout clothing, so I wanted to do one today! I have been working out 4-6x a week (usually training 3x a week and running 2-3 other days) since October. And have been thinking about treating myself to a new workout set or two.

I wanted to add: I used to be afraid of color or pattern (they do make my thighs look a little bigger) but I don’t really care anymore. I pretty much always would wear a black workout set and a white tank. It all goes back to my mantra of wearing what you want… I am not throwing out my black leggings by any means, but these days when I buy something new, I am buying happy, colorful, (ideally!) energizing pieces that make me feel excited to hit the gym.

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Some Sporty Things

I love Girlfriend Collective. I have several of their sets. The Paloma Bra and Compression Leggings are my personal favorites.

I think my next set is going to be this floral bra and leggings set from Tory. Love.

My most worn pullover. It’s big and comfy (size down) and really cute. I have the heather grey.

These are the best shorts. I have several pairs. I love them as they are comfortable but not too short. Just can’t do a booty short or even traditional running shorts… they are TOO SHORT! For running, walks, etc!

My favorite socks. I buy them in bulk (only in white!).

I have these leggings in blue and black. And am eyeing the green.

I worked with GoHydrate last month and got hooked. And I ran out and ended up ordering more using my code (it still works – Grace gets you 15% off). I put one of these in my water bottle and drink it throughout my workout. I have noticed I drink more water when I do this. For a water bottle, I like a nice big one. I alternate between this one from Corkcicle and this one from S’well.

These are my favorite running sneakers. I pretty much only wear Nike sneakers for working out as they fit my arch really well. I will tell you that you should get a gait analysis at a running store (that’s what I did). Everyone has really specific needs for sneakers.

Vuori is another favorite brand. This is probably my most worn workout top and you know how much I love their joggers.

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.

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  1. Alex H:

    AMEN to the Bombas love. I am a convert 1000000% TMI : My feet used to be AWFUL after working a 12 hour nursing shift. Like complaints from my boyfriend across the room bad. Now…NEVER! They are so soft, so great, and their customer service is fantastic.

    3.14.22 Reply
  2. Ake:

    Why only white socks? Is it just for appearances, or are they better somehow?

    3.14.22 Reply
  3. Mary:

    I wear all black but different, brightly colored socks. That’s my way of being fun.

    Congratulations on sticking with your workout routine. I am fighting my way out of a pandemic/perimenopause rut and it is hard.

    3.15.22 Reply