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This post is a reader request! A while back we did date night tops at three price points, and I was asked to do something similar for summer. So here we go. These splurge/save posts actually are one of my most time-consuming columns as it takes me a long time to track down the items… but they are fun… a bit of a treasure hunt of sorts. I should also mention that ASOS is my go-to for cute, affordable tops. They have so many and the best ones are rarely over $50! You can click the image above to shop… or read on below to see why I chose these ten tops! And if you have a request for something you want me to track down just let me know!

  • My Caroline Constas top is amongst my favorite possessions (I have a rainbow stripe and a black/white gingham) but at $395 I feel like a bit of an a-hole recommending it. This one (in a pretty shade of blush, but it also comes in black) is a great alternative.
  • My Theory Tamalee top is one of my absolute favorites (see it in action here!) but this is a great affordable option and it’s on sale!
  • I am such a big fan of bright yellow and am pretty sure I actually prefer the steal version to the splurge, in this case!
  • The details on this Rebecca Taylor top are so, so pretty… but for the same price you could have almost 8 of these Trouve blouses
  • I can’t get over how similar this Gianni blouse is to this Alexis top! And if you’re looking for something a little more conservative, this $49 option is super cute. I actually prefer it to the two I featured, but wanted to show similar options and I know the off the shoulder style is really on trend right now.\

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  1. I love the Theory Blouse! A bit too expensive for me, sadly. Hoping there’s a cheaper dupe!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    7.27.17 Reply
  2. They’re such cute tops! That Carolina Constas one is SO SO beautiful.

    7.27.17 Reply
  3. I love all your finds! Those are great dupes!


    7.28.17 Reply
  4. They are really so cute! Love your choices! Great post!

    7.28.17 Reply