(Not So) Wild West!


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Right now, I’m really feeling the Southwest. We’ve already gone over my squash blossom obsession, but I’m also really feeling into chambray, turquoise, bandanas… and cactus motifs!

It’s easy to go overboard on this trend, but a lot of these pieces (this dress!) are simple and extremely wearable… I’d suggest adding one or two pieces into your wardrobe (maybe something with cactuses, chambray, and/or a turquoise accent) to test-drive the trend. This cactus dress is on my wish list right now, and this jacket/shirt hybrid is so versatile… you could pair it with shorts and a tee or use it to lend a more casual vibe to your fancier pieces (I think it would look so cute with ballerina flats and a floaty midi-dress). Last but not least, this cuff. I was shocked by the price tag, considering how substantial it looks.

Oh! On the beauty front, Kiehls just launched this fantastic cactus flower hydrating mist. So refreshing on hot days… keep a bottle in your purse or beach bag!

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  1. Regine Karpel says 5.19.16
  2. kelly owens says 5.19.16

    what a fun round-up! I am loving squash blossoms too… and paired with chambray they’re just perfect.

  3. terri martin says 5.19.16

    Love this!

  4. Amanda S. says 5.19.16

    Have that cookbook and it is just the BEST!

  5. lauren adams says 5.19.16

    Loving all those cactus prints!!!