Sonoma Wine Tasting.

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Wine tasting in Sonoma. Is there any better way to spend a leisurely day? I don’t think there was. While we were in Sonoma for my friend’s bachelorette party, we spent a day at the vineyards and it was probably my favorite part of the trip. I’d gone once before and couldn’t wait to go back. We visited three vineyards which in my opinion is the perfect amount for a day trip. We didn’t feel rushed, and could really take our time and enjoy ourselves at each of the vineyards we visited. It was also quite a bit of wine. The three vineyards we visited were all very unique, so it was nice to get to experience something different at each one!

Here’s where we went…

  1. Domaine Carneros. We started here, with the Sparkling Sampler. Sampler is a bit misleading, as they poured us each what was nearly four full pours of champagne. I should caveat that I actually don’t drink a lot of champagne (I’m more of a red wine girl) but it was so much fun and such a beautiful setting.
  2. Ram’s Gate. This was my personal favorite and the one I’d been looking forward to the most as we had tried to go last time but were turned down as we didn’t have a reservation. So… don’t make the same mistake we made… make a reservation as this is one of my favorite vineyards! We took a full tour of the property and then tasted an array of red + white wines (all delicious) along with a meat and cheese plate. A little lesson for you… Ram’s Gate is in the southern end of the Carneros region, and Carneros is the means Ram in Spanish. As the winery is at the gateway to wine country, they named it Wine Country. Besides the great wines, the space is really dreamy… you’ll want to stay and hang out all day.
  3. Cline. We ended our day of tasting here last time as well, and it’s really the perfect way to end your tasting as it’s the most casual of the vineyards. The tasting was outside, around a picnic table, which was really laid back and nice. The vineyard is family owned, and their Zinfandel is one of my personal favorites! (It’s also pretty affordable which is nice as at a lot of the vineyards, we’d taste these amazing wines but then they retail for $80, $100 a bottle!)

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(I don’t include a lot of “personal” photos of my friends on my blog but this one was too cute not to include!)

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  1. Such a pretty area. These are beautiful and cute photos.

    8.25.15 Reply
  2. looked absolutely gorgeous!

    8.25.15 Reply
  3. LOVE Domaine Carneros! Gloria Ferrer – another sparkling one! – is also really good. They have a great blanc de noirs.

    8.25.15 Reply
  4. I love the idea of visiting vineyards in Summer with friends and family. I am so sad I didn’t get around to it this year, but it will definitely be on the list for next. My favourite time was visiting a vineyard in France. Thanks for sharing!

    8.26.15 Reply
  5. Cy:

    Hi Grace,

    When you go next time, might I suggest Healdsburg, Russian River area? The town itself is adorable, with fun shops and great restaurants. I love all the places you visited, RR is just a little more “relaxed”, Mom and Pop. One of my favorite wineries is VML(the vinter is a woman). The story is beautiful about the wine maker and the label creator falling in love too. They have beautiful gardens and you can also picnic outside, sometimes with live music! I love every wine they make. Also, you can”t beat the views at Iron Horse ( they make sparkling, pinot noir and chardonnay) their wines are served at the White House. Feel free to ask me for any recommendations before you go next time. I’m a concierge, so it’s a large part of what I do. 🙂

    8.26.15 Reply
  6. Domaine Carneros is my personal favorite! Looks like yall had such a wonderful time, and made lasting memories! I’m hoping for a trip in the near future, and will definitely have to try your suggestions!

    8.31.15 Reply
  7. Emily:

    Baby Becca!

    2.25.22 Reply