Six Things I Really Love Right Now.

Six Things I Really Love Right Now.

Today I am just sharing a little list of some random but awesome new discoveries from this past month. There’s a little bit of everything… but as always, these are just some (non-sponsored) amazing things I’m really loving at the moment. A few are old school classics and a few of these things just came out… regardless, they’re all awesome!

One // Nécessaire.

Founded by Into the Gloss co-founder Nick Axelrod and Estée Lauder alum Randi Christiansen, this is a new (genderless) line of clean body products. The product offering is small but mighty. I have tried the eucalyptus body wash and the unscented body lotion so far and honestly just love everything about this brand.

I really, really love that more brands are paying attention to creating quality, clean body care (at reasonable prices). Quality body products (at reasonable prices – I don’t want to spend $80 for a body wash!) are important to me. The products are really effective, too. The body lotion is one of the nicest ones I’ve tried, and the body wash smells heavenly and leaves my skin ultra soft. I also love the packaging and unisex fragrances. My poor boyfriend used Glossier Body Hero last time he was over…. he was a trooper but smelled like an orange blossom all day – luckily now I have this in my shower too. Honestly though, fragrance +  chic packaging aside, the chemical free/safe part is the most important thing to me. Your skin is your largest organ… I personally use so much body lotion so I want it to be safe and free of all the bad stuff.

One // Nécessaire.

Two // Facial Gua Sha.

Have you tried this facial massage technique? I had heard about it from a friend I made on one of my yoga retreats – she swore by facials at Lan Shin and this technique. Tata Harper included the jade gua sha tool in her holiday gift, so I was immediately intrigued. I’ve watched this video twice now and have been incorporating more of it into my skincare routine. Honestly, I really like how it makes my skin feel and the way it relieves tension in my face. (I store a lot of tension in my jaw.) Also, I realized that Lan Shin is actually in my neighborhood, so I signed up for one of her gua sha workshops. I can’t wait and will definitely be documenting what I learn from the her here. In the meantime, I will be practicing with the video.

three // Chanmé Frosé.

Honestly this is just so smart and FUN… pre-made frosé in Capri Sun style pouches! It isn’t too sweet or syrupy, it’s just right. I love frosé and used to just make my own, but I love the convenience of these pouches! Right now you can only buy them in Charleston or LA, but you can also order via their website. L-o-v-e.  Four pouches is the equivalent of one bottle of wine – sowhy not pick up (or send) a box for you next party? It’s a little cold for frosé right now here in New York so crank the heat, put on a sweater, and pretend that it’s not about to get even colder out.

three // Chanmé Frosé.

four // Classic Cap Toe Heels…

These are amazing and also happen to be a great price. I’ve tried and ordered so many versions of the Chanel knock-off and these cap toe heels are the best ones I’ve tried! I couldn’t love them more. They’re comfortable and classic and perfect with just about everything in my wardrobe.


four // Classic Cap Toe Heels...

five //The best $34 gold earrings.

I love a statement earring and these BaubleBar earrings have become one of my most favorite everyday go-to pieces. I bought them ages and ages ago but only started to wear them as much as I do this fall. They’re really lightweight and the quality is great – no tarnishing! Between these and my Rachel Comey acrylic hoops I maybe need to branch out a bit more, but I like sticking to what works.

five //The best $34 gold earrings.

six // The perfect red (but not too red!) nail polish.

A sort of weird thing about me is that I generally hate colored nail polish which is why you will almost always see me wearing black, deep berry, white, gray, or the palest pink. I get sick of color on my nails so quickly and while I love the look of red nails, generally hate it after a day or two. Enter OPI Got the Blues for Red. I saw it on my friend Mary, copied her when I got my nails done, and now I have a new go-to color. It’s red but not an ostentatious red, and it goes with everything. I still love my neutrals, but this has been my holiday shade. Branching out!

six // The perfect red (but not too red!) nail polish.

photos of me by Carter Fish.

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  1. Ooh, the Necessaire products sound nice! I’m definitely going to check them out. I love that it’s a genderless brand as well so I can easily gift it to the men in my life! 🙂

    I’d love to know your reviews on gua sha! It sounds so interesting!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • grace at the stripe says 12.18.18

      Thank you Charmaine! I’m definitely going to do a post about it after the workshop!

  2. Rachel says 12.18.18

    I love these round-ups! So fun. I love Sam Edelman shoes.

    Rachel |

  3. Allie says 12.18.18

    I’m so intrigued by that new facial method. I love finding new methods of self care that make you feel good about taking care of yourself!
    Happy Tuesday,

    • grace at the stripe says 12.18.18

      It’s really cool! If you have some free time, watch the video. It’s amazing!!!

  4. Andrea says 12.18.18

    Deep red or a pale pink is my go-to! Also, lovin the cap toe heels. So classic!

  5. Diana Conner says 12.19.18

    I discovered your blog initially through your book club, and I have really enjoyed reading it. I live in San Francisco, but your site gives me a joyful look at life in NYC. Anyway, in your recent post, I really like your fern patterned drapes. Where did you get those or do you know who designed the pattern?

    • grace at the stripe says 12.19.18

      Thanks Diana!
      I’m so glad to hear that!!!

      I actually had the palm leaf curtains custom made. I ordered this Tommy Bahama fabric and had a seamstress sew panels for me. Here’s a link to the fabric!

      Hope that’s helpful.


      • Diana says 2.1.19

        Thank you