Some More Snake Bead DIY-spiration… from DANNIJO

While perusing the new arrivals section at DANNIJO today, I stumbled upon a few more pieces that incorporate snake beads.  (Thank you to Erin at Thanks I Made It) for cluing me into what those lovely chevron shaped beads are when I wrote about the Isabel Marant bracelet here.)

I love these bracelets.  DANNIJO sells them for $80, which isn’t expensive for a DANNIJO piece, but you could easily make them for $10 – $15.  (The problem is that you really want to pile on 2-3 of these, so you’d end up spending $240… no way!)

I also adore this necklace.  It’s actually not one necklace, but six strands, layered together.  Awesome, but DANNIJO sells ’em for $170 a pop. Same problem as above.  If you want to pile on three, that will set you back a cool $510.

I ordered a whole bunch of snake beads today – to make these and the Isabel Marant bracelet… so you can expect a tutorial in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, if you are looking for snake beads, I recommend buying from FishLips.  One 22-28 inch strand is $14.95.

Have you experimented with snake beads before?  What did you make?

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