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Just popping in to share a few fun {but very random!} things I’m loving right now before we head into the weekend!

  1. This is my favorite bronzer right now. I take my bronzers seriously. I’ve been loyal to Benefit Hoola for years now so this is a big statement for me to make. This one contains the tiniest amount of shimmer {but not much.. you won’t sparkle} and is so incredibly natural and pretty on. You just look sun kissed and radiant. And it smells like heaven. Like coconuts and sunscreen. Two things to note: First, like Hoola, use a big fluffy brush and a light touch. Too much and you will look muddy – but I like that you can use just a little {the compact lasts forever} Secondly, I prefer the ligher shade, “Tahiti.”
  2. Truffle has stepped up its game in a big way. They just unveiled their new Clarity Clutch and it’s just so pretty… with updated details: textured leather and gold plated hardware. You can throw it in your bag or take it out on the town. I really love the blush {pictured}, but the white is nice for summer.
  3. I l-o-v-e these headphones. Like jewelry for your ears… especially in the metallic hues {I have the Rose Gold ones and they are MUCH prettier in real life… am going to try and get a fun instagram shot of them to show you.} I still love my Frends headphones a lot but these are considerably less expensive {same sound quality} and I like that the wire is also the color of the headphones. If you’re not into rose gold, fear not… they come in seventeen colors so there is bound to be a pair that suits you.
  4. The Fault in our Stars Soundtrack. Admittedly, I still have not seen the movie {I read the book.} but I love this soundtrack. Love. Best soundtrack I’ve listened to in ages. {Since 500 days of Summer, if we are going to get specific.} I’ve had it on repeat at my desk for the past couple weeks and have yet to get sick of it. For extra credit, download more from Tom Odell. His song “Long Way Down” is part of the soundtrack and he has since become a fave of mine… “Another Love” and “Grow Old With Me”ย are both worth downloading.

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  1. These are all great! I really really like the rose colored headphones. I love how you find functional things that are pretty. I haven’t seen that movie yet either, still trying to convince the husband. lol

    6.27.14 Reply
  2. I’m lovin’ those Truffle clutches as well! I read the book, but I haven’t made it to theater to see how the movie stands up to it ๐Ÿ™‚

    26 and Not Counting

    6.27.14 Reply
  3. Still have to read The Fault in Our Stars!! :] // โ˜ผ

    6.27.14 Reply
  4. Just followed The Fault in our Stars soundtrack – thanks for that tip! (The movie is pretty good – book is way better, as always!)

    6.27.14 Reply
  5. Just ordered the earphones in turquoise and in rose gold ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks! Also, obsessed with The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, I listened to Boom Clap on repeat for days after seeing the movie!


    6.27.14 Reply
  6. After your comparison to the 500 Day of Summer soundtrack (one of my favs), I’m definitely checking out the Fault in Our Stars soundtrack!! I’ve also read the book and not seen the movie yet.

    6.28.14 Reply
  7. I have been listening to that soundtrack too! That clutch is so cute! Have you ever tried Two Faced bronzer? It’s my go-to

    6.28.14 Reply
  8. fashionsbit:

    the clutch and metalic headphones are great!

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    6.29.14 Reply