själ kashmir saphir & kura intuitif: pure indulgence – precious gemstones – for the skin.

I usually like to wear my precious metals and stones around my neck or dangling from my ears. I also usually like to spend my Fridays out and about. This Friday was an exception. After a long work week, all I wanted was a night in and some pampering. I drew a bath, lit some candles, and decided it was time to play with some samples I’d received from själ beauty.
I’d never heard of the company before but själ is a niche line of beauty products (sold at Barney’s and a few other specialty shops.) Their treatments are based off of Tibetan medicinal practices and use the purest ecoingredients (combined with the latest biotechnology,) and loaded with precious minerals and gemstones. Some of my favorite celebrities (Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Sophie Dahl, Naomi Watts, and Angelina Jolie) are devotees… making me ever more excited to try out their products.

I loved the concept and was excited for a bit of pampering, but as it had been a tiring week of work and was feeling particularly underappreciated, I really loved the idea of spreading precious gems all over my face. How luxe and indulgent!

First, applied “kashmir safir,” the company’s perfecting mask. The mask contains (seriously!) blue sapphire, platinum, gold, silver, chromium, vanadium and copper. It promises to perfect pores, protect, soften, calm, and even skin tone. The instructions said to leave on for 10-15 minutes, but I left it on for 30. (Um hello, if I’m putting sapphires on my skin, I’m leaving them on for more than 15 minutes!)

Afterward, I slathered on the entire packet of “kura intuitif,” their night creme. The crème promises deep and intense hydration and a brighter complexion.
When I had finished my indulgent little treatment, my pores were definitely noticeably smaller and my skin felt revived (if only there were a way to make my whole body feel as great as my face did!) But the most noticeable difference was that my skin was much more even than usual. I have a random patch of roseacea (ew!) on my right cheek and it was less noticeable. In place, I had glowing, even skin. (Too bad I was staying in for the night… I looked a lot better than I felt!) My skin was also super-hydrated from the cream.

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