Sisley Lipstick Giveaway.


Have I told you how much I love Sisley’s lipsticks? Yes. I have. I am partial to the Hydrating Long Lasting formula as it does both of those things. I had a torrid love affair with Tangerine this summer, and have moved onto Pinky this Fall. If you’ve never tried it, you are in for a treat. It delivers a sheer (but still very pigmented) wash of color and glides on like velvet. It wears for multiple hours and won’t bleed. And the formula contains calendula to soften, as well as Vitamins E + C (anti-oxidants.), delivering treatment benefits in addition to great color. But of course, as with many of Sisley’s products, the packaging is equally incredible. The gold case is amazing, and it has a nice weight to it.

Lucky for you, I am giving one lucky S&S reader twelve Sisley lipsticks. Yes, that’s correct… twelve. I picked my twelve favorite shades (exact shade assortment is at the bottom of the post below the Rafflecopter Widget, which is how you enter this giveaway.) Sisley’s lipsticks retail for $57 a pop , so that’s a $684 value. Someone’s lips are going to have a very happy Fall!


There are deep reds + purples…




And corals + reds, too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Colors being given away are as follows:

  1. Tangerine
  2. Grenadine
  3. Baroque Red
  4. Flamingo
  5. Geisha Red
  6. Ruby Red
  7. Mandarin
  8. Rose Fushia
  9. Rouge Passion
  10. Pinky
  11. Petal
  12. Plum

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Leave a Comment


  1. amazing product!!

    9.25.14 Reply
  2. This is such a fabbb giveaway I entered and am crossing my fingers (:
    sofi ~

    9.25.14 Reply
  3. This is an AMAZING giveaway!!!

    9.25.14 Reply
  4. I am a lipstick junkie…LOVE this giveaway!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    9.25.14 Reply
  5. jillian:

    12 lipsticks?! ahhhmazing giveaway grace! xo

    9.25.14 Reply
  6. Oh my goodness! I love that plum color.

    9.25.14 Reply
  7. Hi Grace my names Adesa ! I’m the spammer from your blog on Instagram LOL! I entered hope I might win! The colors look and sound amazing.That would incredibly complete my lipstick collection and would make me so happy if I won!! Your blog is so helpful and I love your DIY’S as well as other posts, I learned a lot from them! Anyways fingers crossed and I hope I might possibly win

    9.25.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Aw, good luck Adesa! The winner is chosen randomly via the Rafflecopter widget – good luck!

      9.25.14 Reply
  8. If there was EVER a giveaway that was created for me, it’d be this one. The only way it’d be even better if it was a 12 shades of Red Lipstick giveaway, haha. All the lipsticks, please!

    9.25.14 Reply
  9. I’ve been eyeing new lip hues these past few weeks. Pinky is so pretty! Are they available at Sephora?

    Warm Regards,

    9.25.14 Reply
  10. Love those colors! They’re gorgeous! Awesome giveaway! 🙂

    9.25.14 Reply
  11. I have been on the hunt for the perfect new shade of lipstick – this will give me plenty of options! 🙂

    9.25.14 Reply
  12. Jordan Troublefield:

    Well this is the giveaway of my dreams… These colors are glorious!

    9.25.14 Reply
  13. Hope I win 🙂 Love the photos…the colors are great for fall!

    9.25.14 Reply
  14. Carol:

    Beautiful Fall Colors! Thanks for the opportunity!

    9.25.14 Reply
  15. Ebelen Farfan:

    Love every single Color !!!

    9.25.14 Reply
  16. I would a huge fan of Sisley products and I would definitely love to try one of the lip sticks!! Love you SiSley! ^_^ #Sisley lipstick #giveaways

    9.25.14 Reply
  17. I would definitely love to try one these!! I love Sisley and a great fan of Sisley products!!! ^_^ #Sisleylipstick #giveaways

    9.25.14 Reply
    • Ursule Jean-Guillaume:

      Yes I love Sisley

      9.25.14 Reply
  18. Love them!

    9.25.14 Reply
  19. Don’t know why but i’m super into that Tangerine color. Would love to give these a try!

    9.25.14 Reply
  20. gabriela aguilar:

    OMg these colors are amazing I love to post pictures on wearing these beauties and review them. I have not seen any of these lipsticks in my area in Chicago. Praying hopefully I get lucky and win

    9.26.14 Reply
  21. Evelyn:

    Oh my gosh, tangerine? Reds? Plum? Oh Sisley you’re making me excited about this giveaway! It would be so nice to finally get to try these lipsticks if I win! VERY awesome giveaway. Two thumbs up (because those are the only ones I have otherwise I would do more!)!

    9.26.14 Reply
  22. Grace, what an amazing giveaway! There´s really no shade I don´t like but I´d be excited to wear more bold red and coral lips in general this season. My fingers are crossed 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday!

    9.28.14 Reply
  23. Rani:

    Those are super gorg! Always looking for a new lipstick.

    9.29.14 Reply